Tuesday 16 April 2019: Woolworths customers have now contributed $10.1 million in relief to more than 450 Australian dairy farmers through the purchase of fresh Woolworths Milk since September 2018.


The additional contributions first started flowing through to around 290 Queensland, New South Wales and northern Victorian dairy farmers on the Drought Relief Milk range between October 2018 and February 2019.


Following Woolworths’ decision to transition out of $1 per litre fresh milk in February 2019, more than 450 Australian dairy farmers have started receiving extra funds from two and three litre Woolworths Milk sales.


The most recent payments - made this week - saw an extra $2.7 million distributed to Australian dairy farmers. 


Woolworths Director of Fresh Food Paul Harker said: “It’s been heartening to see our customers back our efforts to support a more sustainable dairy industry.


“Our customers can be confident the benefits of our price changes are flowing through to dairy farmers each month.


“Dairy farmers from right across the country tell us it’s making a meaningful difference as they continue to battle tough conditions and rising costs.


“We’re grateful to our customers for supporting a stronger future for the Australian dairy industry.”


With ongoing customer support, Woolworths expects the price changes will contribute an annual benefit of $30 million to the dairy industry.


Mr Harker added: “While we’re realistic these contributions won’t solve broader structural issues, we’re pleased to hear they’re improving farm viability and boosting confidence in the industry.”


Woolworths’ decision to phase out $1-per-litre milk followed the success of the Drought Relief Milk range on the eastern seaboard. 


Under the model the extra money customers pay for two and three litre Woolworths Milk varieties is distributed to farmers by the respective dairy processors in each state. 


The distribution of the additional funds is subject to independent auditing to ensure the full benefit flows through to dairy farmers