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We are committed to working with our partners, communities, value chain and industry to influence the positive impact we aspire to have.  We believe that we can learn from - and inspire - each other to find the best solutions to overcome challenges and harness opportunities in the sustainability space. 

By listening to the concerns, issues and preferences of our stakeholders we build an understanding of what matters to them, which in turn contributes to what is most important to our business and identifies where we can aspire to have the greatest impact.  For a detailed examination of our stakeholder engagement including key stakeholder groups, core topics raised with Woolworths Group and a sample of responses to these topics, click here.

The partnerships across Woolworths Group delivering on sustainability are vast in number and varied in scope, below we share some examples.

Independent Code Arbiter 

An important benchmark for the relationships we have with our suppliers is the Codes of Conduct under which we trade. Woolworths Supermarkets in Australia is a foundation signatory of the Australian Food and Grocery Code Of Conduct, commencing in 2015. Part of the Code is a requirement for Woolworths to appoint an Independent Code Arbiter to identify any systemic issues that may not be consistent with the Code principles and to receive any complaints suppliers choose to raise. A requirement of the Code is that the Arbiter produce an annual report and that it be published on this website. 

Code Arbiter Report

  • Click here to access the Woolworths Supermarkets 2023 Code Arbiter Report


Decarbonising our business with our suppliers



In partnership with our suppliers, industry and government, we are identifying opportunities for emissions reductions across the value chain, and those requiring additional support and innovative solutions over the longer term. Through our new value chain emissions reductions program, we aim to work with our suppliers to provide them with insights to prioritise their own emissions work and give us visibility to determine key focus areas. This is currently in its infancy and we plan to progressively expand the reach of the program, giving all suppliers the opportunity to join an annual cycle of measurement and improvement. 


Hear how we’re reducing emissions across our business


healthy choices

Collaborating on sustainability


We’re seeing the power of partnership come to life through our Woolworths Supermarkets Trade Partner Sustainability Councils, formed in 2021. The councils are working to help improve the health of products and the sustainability and recyclability of packaging across our stores in order to achieve our 2025 sustainability commitments. 


Our Healthier Choices Council has identified key opportunity areas for suppliers to help make healthier easier, such as encouraging adoption of Health Star Rating (HSR) on pack and improving customer awareness of portion and serving sizes. Our Packaging & Recycling Council has identified key opportunities to help enable a circular economy, such as encouraging adoption of the Australasian Recycling Label (ARL) to help customers recycle better, and reviewing point of sale displays and transport packaging to improve recyclability and alignment to National Packaging Targets.


Fostering sustainable production


We foster our suppliers on their sustainability journey by providing grants and interest-free loans for sustainability focused initiatives.


Woolworths Organic Growth Fund

Woolworths Organic Growth Fund was established by Woolworths Supermarkets to support investment in organic farming projects by eligible Australian farmers. Through the Woolworths Organic Growth Fund, we will invest up to $30 million over a five year period in Australian farmers in the form of interest-free loans and financial grants.  Find out more

Woolworths Dairy Innovation Fund

Woolworths Dairy Innovation Fund was launched to help our dairy farmers continue investing in farms for the future. The Fund will deliver $5 million in grants, up to $100,000 each, over three years to Australian dairy farmers in our supply chain. Find out more



Woolworths Ocean Pool Fund

Woolworths Ocean Pool Fund’s mission is to help support the environmental performance of the Australian seafood industry through traceability, data capture, certification, process improvements and education. The Fund, developed in collaboration with WWF, is part of our three‑year partnership to support our suppliers on their journey towards a more sustainable seafood industry. 


Woolworths Animal Horizon Fund

Woolworths Animal Horizon Fund’s purpose is to help support research and development for our farmers and suppliers to address welfare opportunities, challenges, projects, and initiatives. The fund assists suppliers in tackling issues associated with animal welfare, with the ultimate goal of having a positive effect on the animals within the supply chain.  The fund promotes the importance of animal welfare downstream of the supply chain, benefiting our farmers and their animals directly.