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Woolworths Group Limited shares may be purchased on the stockmarket through a stockbroker and trade on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) under the code: WOW.   For more information on stockbrokers visit the Australian Securities Exchange website at  The Woolworths share price may be checked daily via the ASX website,  the Woolworths Group website and newspapers

You can access details of your shareholding in Woolworths by accessing You will be directed to Link’s Investor Centre website.  Log in to view your portfolio via the Investor Login tab either by registering online to setup a free portfolio if you desire, or click on Single Holding and have your Securityholder Reference Number (SRN) or Holder Identification Number (HIN) and postcode at hand to complete the log in.

You can view Holding Statements, Transaction Histories, and Dividend Statements

How you update your address details depends on your individual circumstances. If you have a CHESS sponsored holding (prefixed with an 'X') you must change your address through your broker.

If you have an Issuer Sponsored Holding (prefixed with an 'I') then you can update your address details for Individual, Joint and Company holdings by logging in to your portfolio via and selecting Update Address under the Communications section. This change can be applied to one or multiple holdings. 

For security reasons if a holding is valued at greater than $50,000 or relates to a deceased estate then you will not be able to update this online and you will need to download a Change of Address Form from the Forms section. 

If you are using the 'Single Holding' login then you will only be able to update your address details if you have an 'Individual' holding valued less than $50,000.

Yes. If you are a CHESS sponsored investor, you must change your name via your broker. If you are an issuer sponsored investor, you can change your name by navigating to and completing a Name Correction Request and Indemnity Form (Name Correction) via the Forms section.

Please note that the share registry is unable to accept requests by facsimile, email or phone. 

The completed form should be completed and signed correctly and accompanied by relevant supporting documentation. If you are signing under a power of attorney, a certified copy of the original power of attorney must be lodged with the Share registrar for noting (if not already noted).

Supporting documentation requirements differ, depending on the reason for the change of name; 

  • Change of name by marriage - we require a certified copy of your marriage certificate; 
  • Change to maiden name - if you wish to revert to your maiden name, we require a certified copy of your marriage certificate; 
  • Change of name by Deed Poll - we require a certified copy of the deed poll; 
  • Change of Company Name - we require a certified copy of the Certificate of Registration of Change of Name

You can keep your shareholder details up to date in a quick, efficient and secure manner by logging onto Links website at where the following information is available through Investor Login:

  • Add/amend your Dividend Payment Instructions
  • Elect to participate in the Dividend Reinvestment Plan
  • Register to receive your shareholder documentation online
  • Add/amend your Tax File Number

Alternatively, click on the Forms section through the Resources tab on the Link Market Services homepage and print, complete and send the required form to Link Market Services.

A summary of the Dividend Reinvestment Plan Terms and Conditions may be viewed by clicking on the Dividend Reinvestment Plan link under Payments.

Woolworths Group Limited pays fully franked dividends twice per year.  The final dividend is paid in October and the interim dividend is paid in April. A history of all dividend payments made and DRP prices achieved is available in Shareholder information tab under Payments.

No. Woolworths'  focus is to aggressively drive down the cost of doing business, which allows the Company to maximise profits and dividends to our shareholders.

The Woolworths share registrar is Link Market Services, Locked Bag A14, Sydney South NSW 1235.
Telephone: +61 1300 368 664
Fax +61 2  9287 0303

If both holdings are issuer sponsored and the names, addresses and banking instructions are identical, the duplicate holdings can be amalgamated. Simply go to, select the Resources tab and then ‘Forms’ section. You can complete an online version of the Merge Multiple Holdings form and submit online for review.

Alternatively, this option is available by writing to Link Market Services quoting your SRNs and requesting that the registry amalgamate the holdings. Please nominate the SRN you wish to retain. 

The names and addresses of the two holdings must be identical before Link can amalgamate your holdings. You can compare and amend most of these details online. Alternatively, call Link on +61 1300 368 664. 

If you are holding employee shares, the requirements may be different - please call Link on +61 1800 111 281. 
If one or both of your holdings is CHESS sponsored, you will need to contact your broker to arrange for the amalgamation

The Woolworths Annual General Meeting is generally held in late October or early November each year. Please check the Annual General Meetings link for specific dates, venues and times.  

Woolworths Income Notes (WINs) were redeemed in June 2006.  Woolworths Notes were redeemed in November 2011 and Woolworths Notes II were issued on 24/11/2011 and redeemed on 24/11/2016. 

Woolworths Notes II were redeemed on 24/11/2016. 

Woolworths Group returns capital to shareholders when consistent with its long-term capital structure objectives and where it will enhance shareholder value. For more information click here.