As Woolworths Group, our goal is to make health easier for all Australians and New Zealanders. Our ambition is to work to grow the proportion of sales from healthier products (≥3.5 Health Star Rating) in our supermarkets by 50 basis points (bps) annually (2022 baseline).

As we work towards this, we are committed to supporting, educating and inspiring our customers to live healthier lives. Our own brand products will lead the way for affordable, healthier products our customers love, and we will continue to inspire and empower the next generation to eat healthier and be active. We also offer holistic health and wellness advice and services through Healthylife.

We employ accredited nutritionists and dietitians in Australia and New Zealand who partner across the Group to help set the direction and support the delivery of our health commitments. We also work with our suppliers to support our ambition.

Our Sustainability Plan 2025 includes further information on the health commitments that support our goal to make health easier for all.


What are we doing to support our customers?

To support our customers to make healthier choices, we continue to make our own brand products healthier by reducing salt, sugar and saturated fat, and adding more vegetables and whole grains. We are working towards the voluntary reformulation targets set by the Australian Government’s Healthy Food Partnership, the New Zealand Heart Foundation’s HeartSAFE program, and our own internal nutrition standards set by our team of qualified nutritionists. 

Last financial year, we removed 56 tonnes of salt(1), 391 tonnes of saturated fat(​1)​ and 136 tonnes of sugar(​1)​, and added 41 tonnes of whole grain(2) and 1,026 tonnes of vegetables(2) to Woolworths own brand products across Australia and New Zealand combined.

We continue to support our customers to make healthier choices through clear and transparent labelling and have introduced a number of voluntary commitments to ensure we market our own brand products responsibly. 

  • Woolworths displays the Health Star Rating (HSR) on all intended own brand products, using this tool to help drive positive reformulation and healthier product development.
  • We have internal policies in place to ensure nutrition claims are used responsibly.
  • When it comes to children, we have a commitment that by 2025, characters, graphics and activities that could be perceived as primarily appealing to children will only be used on healthier own brand packaging. 

In 2023, Woolworths own brands were ranked the healthiest of the four major Australian retailers for the fifth year in a row, by The George Institute for Global Health based on mean Health Star Rating (HSR)(3).  In The George Institute’s latest FoodSwitch: State of the Food Supply report, Woolworths was ranked as having the healthiest own brands, with an average HSR of 3.4 compared with other major supermarkets.


(​1)​ Figures based on previous 12-month sales quantities prior to reformulation.

(2) Figures based on sales quantities for products launched in F23.

(3) The George Institute for Global Health’s FoodSwitch: State of the Food Supply report (2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023) based on mean Health Star Rating compared with Coles, Aldi and IGA.


We know that budget is one of the top barriers to healthy eating so we’re helping to make healthier choices more affordable. 

We understand how important value is to our customers and our own brand products provide an affordable option for customers without compromising on quality. Woolworths’ The Odd Bunch is another way we are making healthier foods more affordable, with the range at least 20% cheaper than comparable fruit and vegetables.

Accessibility is vital in helping customers find healthier choices throughout their shopping journey. Our initiatives to help customers find healthier choices in-store focus on product placement, as we recognise how this influences shopping behaviour. Woolworths Supermarkets has now dedicated 80% of the linear space at our checkouts to products that have a Health Star Rating (HSR) of 3.5 and above. 

In Australia we include healthier choices, with a HSR of 3.5 and above, in our seasonal Prices Dropped programs, and Low Price program. Healthier choices have also been made available in areas with high traffic and visibility, such as on the front ends of food aisles.

Woolworths Australia

Woolworths Supermarkets is committed to making healthier easier for all Australians, and aims to inspire and empower the next generation through healthier products, engaging activities and ideas to help make healthier eating easier for families.

As a member of the Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA), Woolworths Supermarkets adheres to all of the AANA Codes including the Food and Beverages Advertising Code and the Children's Advertising Code. These Codes outline protections for children through advertising, and ensures a high sense of social responsibility is maintained.

Woolworths Supermarkets Australia does not target children (under 15 years of age) in its advertising of food and/or beverage items that do not meet the Food Standards Australia Nutrient Profile Scoring Criterion (NPSC) as published by Food Standards Australia New Zealand, and are committed to the health and wellbeing of Australian kids. 

This is coupled with a range of initiatives that promote healthier choices for children and families, including:

  • Delivering initiatives focused on the health of kids, including Free Fruit for Kids which is available in all Woolworths supermarkets across Australia, allowing children to enjoy a free piece of fruit when in store.

  • Changing our Woolworths own brand product packaging to ensure that by 2025, characters, graphics and activities that could be perceived as primarily appealing to children will only be used on healthier own brand product packaging.

  • Supporting and delivering programs or initiatives that:

    • Enable kids to engage and learn about where fresh food comes from, and making healthy eating choices, including our Fresh Food Kids Discovery Tours as well as supporting initiatives with our partners such as Life Education Australia, helping kids across Australia access nutrition education.

    • Together with Australian sports organisations and other partners, enable kids to stay active through involvement of grassroots sports programs e.g. Netball Australia, school sports programs or community initiatives.

For more information on these initiatives and more, please see the Fresh Food Kids section of our Woolworths Supermarket website.

Woolworths New Zealand

Woolworths New Zealand complies with the ASA Children and Young People’s Advertising Code. All our advertisements will be targeted at the main household shopper. We will not target children under the age of 14 in our advertising. Where children could see our advertisements, we will take special care, particularly in relation to high sugar, high fat and high salt foods. To learn more about the targets we have set, visit our Health and Nutrition Targets page.

In regards to online marketing, we will not advertise on any online channel that has a target audience demographic under the age of 14 and will not initiate or participate in any viral marketing or social media campaign targeted at children under the age of 14.

Our ambition is to inspire and empower the next generation to make healthier easier through fun and engaging activities, healthier products that kids love and ideas for families.

Encouraging kids to eat healthier

Woolworths is committed to helping kids eat healthier through our partner organisations and our Fresh Food Kids program in Australia. We aim to make it fun and easy for kids to eat healthier, including eating more fruit and vegetables, by empowering them with educational, hands-on activities and initiatives. 

  • Free fruit for kids is available in all supermarkets across Australia and New Zealand. Children can pick up a fresh piece of fruit for free, with the aim of helping to get more fruit into kids’ diets and establish healthy eating habits from an early age. We have given away more than 180 million pieces of free fruit to kids since the program launched in 2015. In F23, we evaluated the program in Australia, demonstrating that every dollar we invest in the program creates $3.93 of social value. The program provides positive health impacts which persist following the consumption of the piece of fruit(1).

  • The Fresh Food Kids e-Discovery Tours program helps kids learn all about where fresh food comes from, through exciting hands on digital activities, from the comfort of their own classroom. In F23, 71,000 primary school and early learning centre students experienced the program.

  • Woolworths Supermarkets has partnered with Life Ed, Healthy Harold since 2018. Woolworths’ support of Life Ed includes being the foundation partner of the Life Ed Thrive Children's Fund, partnering on the annual Australia’s Healthiest Lunch Box competition, and sponsorship of the Junior Primary nutrition modules.
  • Woolworths New Zealand has collaborated with MyMahi to develop a healthy eating lesson series for rangatahi (young people). The Hauora Kai/Healthy Eating lesson series is tailored for secondary learners. It helps teachers and mentors cover the fundamentals of nutrition in the classroom and supports learners in applying healthy eating principles in their own lives. 

Encouraging kids to be active

Woolworths Supermarkets proudly partners with key sporting organisations to help inspire and support the health of children across Australia and New Zealand: 

  • Woolworths Supermarkets Australia is a partner of Woolworths Cricket Blast, Woolworths NetSetGO and Woolworths Surf Groms and therefore one of the largest supporters of grassroots sports in Australia. These partnerships connect us to local communities and support kids to be more active.

  • Through interactive digital initiatives such as the Pick Fresh Play Fresh Hub, Woolworths Australia is focused on creating fun and engaging content for the sporting audience that educates families on the benefits of eating healthy. These initiatives aim to foster positive behavioural shifts. 

  • Woolworths New Zealand is the proud sponsor of the futureFERNS inspiring young kiwis to play netball and keep active.

    (1) Free Fruit for Kids Social Return on Investment, report by HTANALYSTS, June 2023.

We are committed to making healthier easier for customers when they research or shop with us online. This involves making it easier to find healthier choices and providing inspiration with healthier recipes and ideas.

Key initatives for Woolworths Australia include:

Key initiatives include: 

  • The Making Healthier Easier online hub which provides customers with a destination to discover healthier products and inspiration 
  • Hundreds of healthier recipes on our website and app which meet guidelines created by the Woolworths Group Health and Nutrition team
  • Healthier Options, an innovative tool that helps customers discover healthier alternatives when shopping online or in the app
  • Dietary and lifestyle filters that help customers find products suitable for their individual needs and preferences e.g. vegetarian, whole grain, high fibre and more
  • Progressively adding nutrition information to our online recipes, as well as relevant dietary and lifestyle tags
  • Working to increase the number of products with Health Star Rating visible online.

Key initatives for Woolworths New Zealand include:

  • Hundreds of recipes for different dietary needs and lifestyle preferences on our website and app. This includes healthier recipes which meet guidelines created by the Woolworths Group Health and Nutrition team

  • Dietary and lifestyle filters to help customers find products suitable for their individual needs and preferences e.g. vegetarian, dairy free, gluten free and more

  • Working to increase the number of products with Health Star Rating visible online

  • Continuing to add nutrition information to our online recipes, as well as relevant dietary and lifestyle tags

In 2021 healthylife was launched, a digital health and wellness business backed by Woolworths. 

Their mission is to simplify the journey to better health for all Australians. Through expert-backed advice and innovative digital tools, healthylife is making healthy living easier and more accessible than ever:

  • Expert-backed health advice: healthylife’s team of experienced health professionals delivers evidence-based advice, ensuring that Aussies have access to comprehensive and reliable guidance on all aspects of wellness.

  • Free health programs: the series of programs, developed in collaboration with health experts, have empowered over 170,000 Aussies to make sustainable lifestyle changes for better health.

  • Telehealth: the range of services connects Aussies with an Australian registered doctor for a wide range of health issues, from routine check-ups to mental health support and chronic disease management.

  • Pharmacy: Aussies can order their prescriptions and medicines from the comfort of their own home via healthylife Pharmacy, ensuring hassle-free access to essential healthcare products.

  • Food Tracker: with almost 350,000 users to date, this free, world-first tool is making healthy eating easier for thousands of Aussies by assessing the balance of their grocery shopping compared to the Australian Dietary Guidelines. 

  • Curated health range: the range features carefully selected products that meet stringent quality standards and are backed by scientific research. From premium supplements to consciously-made personal care items, each product in healthylife’s range is chosen for its effectiveness and safety.
  • Living Healthy Report: authored by the healthylife Advisory Board, the Living Healthy Report offers valuable insights into current health trends, challenges, and opportunities in Australia.

We continue to collaborate with government, non-government organisations (NGOs), public health bodies, researchers and industry to support the development of practical, balanced health strategies and initiatives. 

Government and industry engagement

Woolworths is involved in the Australian Government’s voluntary Healthy Food Partnership (HFP) which brings together government, public health and food industry to support healthy eating among Australians. We are a member of the HFP Executive Committee which oversees the programs activities. Woolworths is also working towards the category based targets set out in the Partnership Reformulation Program and is part of the Foods for Early Childhood Reference Group, set up to develop a best practice guide to support food industry to improve commercial foods for infants and young children.

Woolworths is actively involved in public health discussions, and has engaged with government on topics related to health including:

  • The National Obesity Strategy

  • Product labelling

  • Health Star Rating

  • Reformulation - Australian Government’s HFP and New Zealand Heart Foundation’s HeartSAFE program

Woolworths is also a member of the Australian Retailers Association and participates in their health-related policy forums. 

Trade Partner engagement

In 2022 we launched our Woolworths Supermarkets Trade Partner Sustainability Council for Healthier Choices. The Council meets quarterly to help drive engagement with our Trade Partner network and enable progress towards our health goals by encouraging Health Star Rating uptake on-pack and healthier product development and reformulation. We also share opportunities, progress and case studies with our wider Trade Partner network through biannual showcases. 

What's next?

We are determined to lead the way when it comes to helping our customers make healthier choices, with these initiatives representing some of our ongoing work in this area.

For our progress against this goal, see our 2023 Sustainability Report. For more information on our metrics, see our 2023 Sustainability Data Pack.