Maintaining strong relationships with our trade partners is extremely important and something we’re proud of at Woolworths Supermarkets. Together, we can deliver better outcomes for customers and enable a greater impact for change across our value chain. 

We work together with thousands of trade partners, including farmers and growers, both domestic and international, large and small.  

Independent Code Arbiter 

An important benchmark for the relationships we have with our suppliers is the Codes of Conduct under which we trade. Woolworths Supermarkets in Australia is a foundation signatory of the Australian Food and Grocery Code Of Conduct (Code), commencing in 2015. The Code requires Woolworths to appoint an Independent Code Arbiter to investigate and resolve formal and informal complaints raised by our Trade Partners. Additionally, the Code requires that the Arbiter produce an annual report and that it be published on this website. 

Code Arbiter Report

  • Click here to access the Woolworths Supermarkets 2023 Code Arbiter Report

Trade Partner Complaints Integrity Policy

Woolworths is committed to ensuring our trade partners can raise complaints and resolve issues with us. We will ensure that our trade partners will not be subject to commercial detriment or adverse consequences as a result of raising a complaint with Woolworths. Woolworths has adopted a Trade Partner Complaints Integrity Policy which addresses any fear of (perceived or actual) retribution. Woolworths Supermarkets’ Managing Director will monitor the subsequent treatment of any trade partner raising a complaint regarding Woolworths. This covers both (a) complaints raised directly with Woolworths and (b) formal and informal complaints raised with Woolworths' Code Arbiter, where the trade partner has provided consent for the Code Arbiter to share their name and details of the complaint with Woolworths.

Trading Issues Resolution

Any issues arising from dealings with the Woolworths Supermarkets commercial buying team can be raised directly with us at:

or raised with our Code Arbiter:


Speak Up

At Woolworths, we are committed to open and positive relationships with all of our suppliers. 

We recognise, however, that a situation may arise where a supplier feels an important concern can’t be dealt with directly with us, and where the supplier would prefer to use an independent and confidential avenue for raising the concern. We have created the Supplier Speak Up Service for this purpose.

Suppliers (or their workers) can contact Supplier Speak Up online or by the toll-free numbers below. If required, interpreters are available in other languages in addition to those countries listed below.

To raise a supplier concern online, please go to the Speak Up website.

Or via the following toll free phone numbers: