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Woolworths values its reputation for excellence in corporate governance, compliance and fair dealing in its securities, including shares, options and performance rights.

The Woolworths Group Securities Trading Policy promotes and maintains the Company’s reputation.

The Policy summarises the law relating to insider trading and details the Company’s requirements with regards to dealings in the securities of both Woolworths and, where applicable, other companies. The Policy applies to Group directors, officers and employees, as well as certain consultants and contractors.

The objectives of the Policy are:

  • To ensure that all Woolworths personnel comply with the law at all times: and
  • To ensure that dealings in securities by Woolworths personnel, particularly in relation to Inside Information regarding both Woolworths and other entities with which Woolworths deals, are above reproach.

The Policy also aims to assist Woolworths in its disclosure and reporting requirements.

Read our full Securities Trading Policy here >