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Tuesday 6 July 2021

Comments (from Woolworths Group Head of COVID Response, Ross Spencer):

“We’ve offered to play a proactive role in the national vaccine rollout with federal and state governments.

“As Australia’s largest private employer, we’ve rolled out flu vaccinations to our workforce over many years with specialist health providers.

“We’d welcome the opportunity to do the same with the COVID vaccine, particularly for our frontline teams providing an essential service to Australian communities.

“We’re also open to offering up our facilities to governments for public vaccine pop-ups if it’s helpful.

“We’ll continue to work with governments to see how we can best support the rollout to help keep the pressure off the health system.”


Woolworths Group employs more than 160,000 Australians, including more than 140,000 team members in frontline roles.

Woolworths Group is providing up to eight hours of paid COVID vaccination leave (taken as two instances of four hours) for full-time and part-time team members if they must receive their vaccination during a rostered shift and cannot secure a vaccination appointment outside of their working hours. 

Woolworths Group has seven large scale warehouses across Australia and support offices in major capital cities. Woolworths Group also owns 35 shopping centres across Australia, including many in regional areas.