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Sunday, 1 March 2020: With over 3 million Australians living under the poverty line and the number of Australian women experiencing period poverty on the rise, Share the Dignity is partnering with Woolworths to support their Dignity Drive throughout March. 

The drive will collect donations of sanitary items at Woolworths stores nationwide to assist the fight to end period poverty for the growing number of women across the country in need. 

Last year, the charity collected over nearly half a million period products to be distributed to girls and women who cannot afford to buy sanitary items each month. 

Deborah Ferguson, Chief Executive Officer of Share the Dignity, said; “While the number of vulnerable women in Australia is sadly growing, we remain committed to our vision to eradicate period poverty in this country. 

“We are working towards an Australia where women and girls will no longer be forced to use wadded up toilet paper or socks to manage their periods, which is a sad reality for too many girls and women today. 

“When you are shopping at Woolworths this March, Share the Dignity encourages you to think, “one for me, one for her”, because while it may seem like a small gesture, we know small dignities make a big difference.” 

Woolworths has partnered with Share the Dignity over the past year to help on their mission to eradicate period poverty in Australia. 

Funds committed by Woolworths from the sales of sanitary items in the store have been used to purchase ‘Dignity Vending Machines’ known as ‘Pinkboxes’, which dispense free period packs to women and girls supported by domestic violence services,, homelessness hubs and schools. 

Woolworths Supermarkets Managing Director, Claire Peters said; “Last year, the drive in August saw 130,000 sanitary products generously donated from our customers and collected across our stores to support Australia’s most vulnerable women. 

“We are grateful to the support of our customers in making a tangible difference to the lives of girls and women experiencing poverty, homelessness and domestic violence."