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Tuesday, 28 April 2020: From tomorrow, Woolworths will be easing product limits on toilet paper, rice, hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes with customer demand moderating and supply returning. 

While limits will remain on these products, from tomorrow these categories will have their limits eased from one per shop to either 2 or 4 per shop.

In some categories product limits will be lifted entirely, with pasta, frozen vegetables, tissues, baby wipes, baked beans, canned spaghetti, paper towels and disposable gloves no longer having any purchase limits applied.

Woolworths made the difficult but necessary decision to introduce purchase limits in March at the height of demand for groceries to ensure as many customers as possible could access what they need.In recent weeks Woolworths has begun rolling back purchase limits on many products and categories due to customer demand moderating and working closely with suppliers to improve product availability.

Woolworths Supermarkets Managing Director Claire Peters said: “We’re pleased to be able to ease more of our product limits.. 

“This is a positive sign following weeks of hard work from our teams, customers and significant support from our suppliers in meeting this unprecedented demand. 

“We are now in a position where our customers will see better product availability across the categories that have been challenged by the increased demand over the past two months. While their favourite brand within the category may not always be on shelf, we are confident an alternative option should be available for the customer to purchase.

“While product availability is getting better and better each day, it will take some time for us to get back to full supply. Customers may still notice certain products in shorter supply from time to time as we continue to adjust our operations to this ‘new normal’.

“We thank customers for their understanding while product limits were in place, and ask them to continue to be mindful of others and continue to only buy what they need. 

“We’ll continue to monitor stock levels and customer behaviour, with the desired outcome to eventually remove product limits altogether. That said, we are also mindful that we may reintroduce purchase limits if necessary.”

Editor’s Note:

Woolworths have removed limits from the following categories: 

  • Baby Wipes
  • Baked beans and Spaghetti
  • Disposable gloves
  • Paper Towel 
  • Pasta
  • Tissues
  • Frozen vegetables

Woolworths have removed one product only limits to the below categories, easing it to 2 or 4 product limits per shop:  

  • Toilet paper moving from 1 limit  → 4 limit
  • Rice from 1 limit  →  4 limit
  • Antibacterial wipes move from 1 limit → 2 limit
  • Hand sanitiser moving from 2 limit →  4 limit

This means that effective tomorrow, Wednesday, 29 April 2020,  the following limits will be applied at Woolworths:

2 Limit categories                        

  • Antibacterial Wipes x 2
  • Household Cleaners x 2
  • Disinfectants x 2
  • Eggs x 2
  • Flour x 2
  • Hand wash x 2 
  • Noodles x 2
  • Pasta Sauce x 2
  • Sugar x 2

4 Limit categories

  • Hand Santiser x 4
  • Rice x 4
  • Toilet paper x 4

For further information, please contact: Woolworths Media Team at