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Monday 15 June 2020: Orange has become the latest Woolworths supermarket to have solar panels installed to reduce the store’s environmental footprint and cut energy costs. 

The 100kW solar system - which is shaped like the Woolworths logo - is made up of 357 high efficiency solar panels spanning around 1,000 square metres. The Orange store is one of more than 140 Woolworths Group sites now generating energy from solar power across Australia.

The solar system has the capacity to generate more than 150 megawatt hours of electricity each year - the equivalent to more than 23 Australian households’ annual energy consumption. This will help offset approximately 8 percent of the store’s energy consumption.

Woolworths Orange Store Manager Rae-Anne Ross said: “From store lighting and air-conditioning to food refrigeration and preparation, there is no doubt supermarkets are energy intensive to run.

“In recent years we’ve been working to run our stores more sustainably, and energy use is a big part of the effort. 

We’re investing in more efficient refrigeration and lighting systems, and harnessing the power of renewables across the network too.

"At Woolworths Orange, we're pleased to be doing our bit for the planet with this solar installation.

“It will not only reduce the store’s environmental footprint, but also help keep costs down so we can continue offering the best possible prices to our customers.”

Woolworths supermarkets generate more than 15,000 megawatt hours of electricity through solar panels annually - the equivalent of 2,300 households’ annual energy consumption.

A third of Woolworths supermarkets now have hybrid or HCF-free refrigeration systems. More than 800 supermarkets have energy efficient LED lighting, which reduces energy consumption in a store by around 10-15 percent. These upgrades to lighting in supermarkets alone have offset the equivalent power consumption of 50 stores. 

In total, Woolworths’ sustainability investments have helped deliver an 18 percent reduction in carbon emissions on 2015 levels.



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