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Thursday, 29th December 2016: New season apples sold at Woolworths nationally from February 2017 will have no wax added to them.

The move by Woolworths to remove adding wax to new season apples has been undertaken in full consultation with both the industry body APAL, and all Woolworths apple suppliers. 

Apples naturally develop a coat of wax when they are growing to help protect the fruit and to retain moisture and therefore firmness of the apple. Once picked, the apples are cleaned, removing this natural coat of wax. At this stage a food-grade wax is applied to replace the naturally-occurring wax.

Scott Davidson, Woolworths Head of Produce said; “The primary benefit of applying wax to apples is that it makes the apples look shiny and more presentable in store and at home. While an unwaxed apple may look duller, it will still taste just as good and will contain all the nutrients that an added waxed apple has.

“Our decision has come about due to growing customer requests for us to explore more ways for them to purchase fruit and vegetables as nature intended. Woolworths already sells organic apples with no added wax across most stores nationwide.

“Announcing our move to no added wax on apples well ahead of the new season launch in February will give our grower partners the benefit of more time to adapt to the new requirements.”

Woolworths sells an estimated 370 million apples each year with up to 8 different varieties on offer dependent on the time of the year. The most popular apple is the Pink Lady, followed closely by the Royal Gala and then the Granny Smith. 

All apples sold at Woolworths year round are 100% Australian grown.


For further information please contact:
Peter O’Sullivan, Head of Consumer Public Relations, Woolworths 0418 433 509


  • No added wax on new season apples at Woolworths in 2017

    No added wax on new season apples at Woolworths in 2017

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