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Sunday 23rd March 2014: Jamie Oliver today announced Woolworths as the fresh food partner for Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food centres and kitchens across the country.

For the next year, Australia’s largest supermarket will be providing Jamie’s Ministry of Food centres and mobile kitchens with ingredients for their basic cooking courses and help inspire and educate a new generation of Australians about the joys of preparing food.

The focus of the new partnership aims to encourage Australian communities to get excited and feel passionate about food; its origins, health benefits and how cooking fresh food from scratch in the kitchen can be fun.

The announcement was made in Sydney at Kitchen Talk with Jamie, a live cooking demonstration with Jamie’s Ministry of Food Ambassadors and celebrity chefs, Ben O’Donoghue, Anna Gare and Tobie Puttock. Woolworths celebrated the partnership by providing the fresh ingredients for the live show for 800 people.

Woolworths Managing Director, Tjeerd Jegen said, “In October last year we announced that Woolworths and Jamie Oliver would be partnering together to inspire a healthier Australia. This is the next phase of our exciting ongoing partnership with Jamie.

“Woolies and Jamie share the passionate belief that cooking is a life skill that everyone should learn and that cooking skills are a vital ingredient of being able to eat fresh and live well.

“We hope the fresh food supplies that Woolies provides the Ministry of Food centres across the country will help inspire and educate a new generation of Australians about the joys of preparing and enjoying delicious homemade food,“ he said.

Jamie’s fresh food tips and inspirational recipes can be found in all Woolworths stores and online so everyone can create better, healthier, affordable fresh food meals every day of the week.

For further information please contact the Woolworths Press Office on 02 8885 1033.

About Jamie Oliver

For 15 years, Jamie Oliver has been inspiring people all over the world to cook and eat better food. His books and TV series are enjoyed by millions across the globe and his charity, the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation, works tirelessly to raise the profile of food education through its work in communities and schools in the UK, US and Australia. Jamie is dedicated to empowering and educating as many people as possible to learn how to cook and enjoy good food, giving them the chance to have a healthier future.