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Monday, 16 June 2014: Woolworths has unveiled a new advertising campaign that celebrates the many young Australians who begin their careers with us every day.

Grant O’Brien, CEO of Woolworths Limited, said: “Woolworths have a proud history and unrivalled track record of giving young Australians their first start in a career.

“Every day 87 young people under the age of 25 start work at Woolworths.  They bring with them optimism, ambition and enthusiasm. It is a staggering number, particularly at a time when many are concerned about the future job opportunities available to our young people. 

“Woolworths has an important role in communities across Australia in giving young people their first start in the workforce.  Whether they stay with us to build a career in retail or go down another career road, the skills a job at Woolworths teaches a young person are skills for life.  Communication, time management and working in a team are all great lessons learned on the job at Woolies.

“As one of the country’s largest employers we are committed to growing our workforce and our new campaign celebrates our ongoing recruitment drive. Our continued focus on our people is testament to the faith we have that Woolworths’ people are our greatest asset.”

The new advertising campaign, which commences on Sunday night, features 19 young and bubbly Australians who have started a career at Woolworths.

With Woolworths’ well-known theme tune playing the background, parents express pride at how smart their young-adult children look in their Woolies uniforms and pleasure at the “extension of the learning process” afforded their offspring.

The tagline: “Every day 87 young Australians spend their first day of work at Woolworths ... and we are always looking for more” underscores Woolworths’ commitment to jobs creation through its Generation Success initiative, which fostered national discussion on youth employment.

Agency: The Monkeys
Production Company: M.A.P
Director: Derek Henderson
Sound: Song Zu
Post: The Editors

For further information please contact Woolworths press office on (02) 8885 1033.

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  • Woolworths celebrates its role in creating jobs for young Australians

    Woolworths celebrates its role in creating jobs for young Australians

    Download a copy of our Woolworths celebrates its role in creating jobs for young Australians Find out more