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Monday, 16 June 2014: Woolworths has announced the creation of 200 new jobs for young Australians as part of ‘Jobs 2014’, News Corp Australia’s campaign to find 2,014 young Australians a job over the next eight weeks.

Over the campaign period, Woolworths will provide 200 new jobs across our business divisions for young people across Australia. These are brand new jobs tied to new store openings.

Woolworths Limited CEO, Grant O’Brien said, “Woolworths has a tradition of providing young Australians their start in the workforce. I am proud that Woolworths will give an additional 200 young Australians a chance as part of the ‘Jobs 2014’ campaign,” he said.

Earlier in the year Woolworths Limited and News Corp Australia joined forces to deliver Generation Success to foster a national debate around the importance of a first job and to provide practical solutions.

Mr O’Brien said, “I’m concerned there is not enough optimism among young people in Australia, particularly amongst those looking for a job but are unable to find that chance.

“Talking about the issue of youth employment is important, but now we’re looking for businesses to take that next practical step and provide young people with a start.

“Woolworths already gives so many young Australians an opportunity and a reason to be optimistic and we’ll add to that with these 200 jobs,” Mr O’Brien said.

Interested job seekers can visit the Woolworths careers website

Woolworths is proud of its role in creating employment across the country, in cities and regional areas. 

Woolworths is Australia’s second largest employer, employing more than 180,000 people, or 1.5 per cent of the Australian workforce. Woolworths employs more than 78,500 young Australians.

“We are always looking for ambitious young Australians to join us in our supermarket business,” Tjeerd Jegen, the Managing Director of Woolworths supermarkets said, “Every day, 87 young Australians start a job with Woolworths.

“I’m proud that so many young Australians get their first start in our Woolworths stores and many begin a lifelong association with a great Australian company,” Mr Jegen said.

For further information please call the Woolworths Press office on 02 8885 1033.

  • Woolworths announces 200 new jobs for 'Jobs 2014'

    Woolworths announces 200 new jobs for 'Jobs 2014'

    Download a copy of our Woolworths announces 200 new jobs for 'Jobs 2014' Find out more