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Wednesday, 7 May 2014: Woolworths Money has appointed Macquarie Bank as its new credit card issuing partner.

Under this new partnership Woolworths Money will continue to offer Woolworths Everyday Money Credit Card and Woolworths Qantas Credit Card to customers.

Woolworths Money and Macquarie Bank will work together to continue to provide customers with great value and innovative offers.

Woolworths Money General Manager, Dhun Karai, said customers would continue to receive all the benefits and popular rewards of their Woolworths Money credit cards.

“We remain committed to our credit card program. Our exciting new partnership with Macquarie Bank will allow Woolworths Money to provide great service and continue to deliver our range of easy to understand, rewarding and competitive products to customers.”

Head of Macquarie’s Banking and Financial Services Group, Greg Ward, said: “We are delighted to have been chosen by Woolworths Money to become the new issuer of its popular credit card products. Macquarie has offered credit card products directly and through white label arrangements for many years, and, with our shared focus on customer service, we look forward to working with Woolworths Money into the future.”

Macquarie has acquired the existing Woolworths Money credit card portfolios from HSBC Bank Australia. Woolworths Money, Macquarie Bank and HSBC will work closely to migrate the portfolio from HSBC’s systems later this year. 

Woolworths Money would like to thank HSBC Australia and its management for the successful partnership enjoyed during the past five years.

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Woolworths Money Press Office: 02 8885 1033

  • Woolworths Money appoints Macquarie Bank as credit card partner

    Woolworths Money appoints Macquarie Bank as credit card partner

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