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Wednesday, 8 October 2014: Woolworths has today announced that it will introduce Farmers’ Own milk, sourced directly from dairy farms in the Margaret River region, across its 89 stores in Western Australia.

Farmers’ Own is fresh West Australian milk from local farms made available to Woolworths customers in Western Australia.

Woolworths buys Farmers’ Own milk directly from farmers rather than through a processor. The milk is better tasting with a richer, fuller flavour.

The Farmers’ Own brand has so far only been available in New South Wales where a highly successful trial with Manning Valley dairy farmers led to it being sold across the state. Sales have grown substantially since its introduction with customers loving its high quality and great taste.

The milk is permeate free and is available in three varieties; full cream and Hi-Lo homogenised milk and full cream unhomogenised milk with the cream on top. It’s milk just how the farmers like it.

Woolworths General Manager of Fresh Food, Ziggy Kwarcinski, said the product has proven to be great for farmers, great for Woolworths, but most importantly great for customers.

“We are extremely pleased about how well our New South Wales customers have received Farmers’ Own milk. We know they appreciate a great local product.

“The three varieties have sold very strongly through the trial in New South Wales so we’re delighted that we can bring a West Australian version to our customers. The return of unhomogenised milk with the cream on top has been a hit,” he said.

Dairy farmer, Peter Evans, said: “We’re delighted to be able to work directly with Woolworths to bring our milk straight from our farms to customers. It’s an opportunity to get closer to the people who actually buy and drink our milk.

“Farmers want a fair price for their milk and we think customers would like to see that too. This new direct relationship with Woolworths is giving us what we need and putting a great product in the market,” said Mr Evans.

The relationship gives the farmers end-to-end transparency from shed to shelf, a longer term contract and a closer relationship with their customers.

For further information please contact the Woolworths Press Office on 02 8885 1033.


  • Milk just like the farmers like it comes to Western Australia

    Milk just like the farmers like it comes to Western Australia

    Download a copy of our Milk just like the farmers like it comes to Western Australia Find out more