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Sunday, 23 February 2014: Woolworths Limited and News Corp Australia announced today they have joined forces to launch Generation Success, an initiative to help get more young people into the workforce and help them develop their careers.

Generation Success brings many of the country’s biggest employers together, including Leighton Holdings, National Australia Bank, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Toll Group, Spotless, Telstra and Qantas, which together employ more than 460,000 Australians.

As part of the initiative, participants will come together in April at a roundtable event focused on employing young people and how best to recognise, develop, and reward the life skills and job readiness of young Australians.  Prime Minister Tony Abbott will speak at the roundtable.

A recent survey by Mission Australia Youth Society found that one in four people aged 15-19 fear the jobs and training will not be there when they finish school.  When it comes to pursuing a career in their preferred industry, only half think it will be possible in the area they live.

Woolworths CEO Grant O’Brien said ensuring a pipeline of young talent into the future was a critical issue for Woolworths, and most big employers.

“Giving young people their first start is a proud Woolworths tradition.  In fact, every single day 87 young people start working for us.  No matter where they end up in their long term careers, all of these young people play a vital role in our ongoing success.

“At a time when Australia faces significant economic headwinds as we move to a genuinely global market place, employment and job creation will be a growing challenge.  We need to get the right policy settings in place to stimulate youth employment, and employers are part of that conversation.

“That’s why a business-led initiative like Generation Success is so needed, and it’s really heartening to see so many of Australia’s companies eager to help the next generation of Australians.  I have no doubt that many more employers will want to have their say and they are all welcome to join us.”

News Corp Australia’s CEO Julian Clarke said:  “We all know the benefits of a job.  It is about more than the pay packet at the end of the week.  It is about financial security, life-long learning, self-esteem and making a contribution to the community.

“The employment challenge is not lost on our young people.  The Mission Australia Youth Survey -- the biggest annual poll of young people -- reveals our kids and grandkids are really worried about their chances of getting a job.

“We recognise that getting a start in the work force is critical for millions of Australians – which is why we wholeheartedly support Generation Success.”

For more information call:
Stephen Browning – News Corp Australia ph 0432 961 773


  • Generation Success to build our workforce of tomorrow

    Generation Success to build our workforce of tomorrow

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