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Wednesday, 20 August 2014: Informed Sources has been an important tool we have used since 2004 to ensure we offer our customers the most competitive petrol price in the market.

Operating since 1987, Informed Sources is used by petrol retailers, motoring groups, regulators and consumers.  The ACCC itself was a customer of this service until recently.

In 2012 we made our actual published prices available on the Woolworths App to provide consumers with real-time information about our pricing relative to our competitors.  Having an easy way to compare petrol prices promotes competition and helps consumers save money.

We would be disappointed if this action by the ACCC lead to the closure of popular price comparison websites like MotorMouth and the services offered by motoring organisations including the NRMA and RACV. 

To be clear, Woolworths Petrol uses Informed Sources to gather actual published prices in the market to ensure we are the most competitive. 

We do not understand how shutting down these websites and apps will benefit consumers. Woolworths will strongly defend our use of Informed Sources for the benefit of our customers.

  • ACCC and Informed Sources

    ACCC and Informed Sources

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