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Thursday, 25 June 2020: Woolworths’ popular line of own brand nappies, Little One’s, will now be Australian made, with new features added to make changing nappies easier for parents and caretakers.


Little One’s Newborn, Infant, and Junior sizes are now manufactured in Australia, with locally made crawler, walker and toddler sizes to be progressively introduced into Woolworths supermarkets over the coming months. 


Woolworths' new Little One’s supplier, Ontex Australia, will produce more than 185 million nappies per year (or 10 nappies every second) for the Australian and New Zealand market from their base in Eastern Creek, Sydney.


Woolworths has also used the change to Australian made to introduce new features to Little One’s. These include up to 12 hour absorbency*, a softer breathable inner lining, a fit indicator to ensure the nappy is secure and comfy, and a wetness indicator across all sizes to signal when a nappy might need changing.


Woolworths FoodCo Managing Director Guy Brent said; “As a proudly Australian brand, we are big supporters of Australian manufacturing and producers and we’re thrilled to relaunch Little One’s so customers can rely on a new and improved nappy, produced right here in Australia, for the same affordable price.


“The refreshed Little One’s were designed based on customer feedback. Parents told us they wanted a softer nappy, better absorbance, and a fit indicator to know when it’s time to move up a size. 


“Knowing how many nappies children can go through, we put an emphasis on convenience for parents and comfort for kids.“


Ontex Australia Director Rod Evans said; "The decision by Woolworths to partner with us recognises our ongoing joint commitment to Australian manufacturing and serving Australian families with locally produced, high quality baby care products.


“Woolworths’ support of Australian manufacturing, and specifically Ontex at Eastern Creek, greatly assists in the ongoing viability of our local business, provides employment opportunities and helps nurture the well-being of Aussie families."  


Little One’s ambassador, Natalie Maree, also known as Kiki and the Quads on social media, is expecting quadruplets in Perth in the coming weeks. 


Natalie said; “As a mum to a two year old and four more on the way, my husband and I will be changing a mind boggling amount of nappies in the years ahead.


“Value is extremely important to us but our family is also big on Australian made, so to have reliable nappies with features like a wet indicator will make nappy duty so much easier.”


Little One’s will continue to offer the same dependable features as before, like triple layer technology for fast absorption that draws moisture away from the skin, a stretchy waistline, and elasticized leg cuffs for maximum leakage protection.


*Individual usage may vary as every baby is unique. Nappy changes are recommended at appropriate intervals throughout the day or night to suit your baby’s needs (including their health, diet and developmental milestones).