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Statement from Woolworths Group on Pete Evans associations 

We appreciate the community concern over recent comments.

Woolworths Supermarkets has conveyed its own concerns directly with supplier Raw C, who subsequently advised its relationship with Pete Evans ended earlier this year. 

BIG W reviews its range of books regularly to ensure they’re aligned with its values. It has decided to remove Pete Evans’ book titles from the BIG W range from 17 November in line with Pan Macmillan’s offer.

As always, we would encourage our customers to follow the expert medical advice from health authorities.

Background information

Woolworths Supermarkets has no direct commercial relationships with Pete Evans.

Woolworths Supermarkets stock a small number of coconut water and coconut oil products from the 'Raw C' brand, which Pete Evans was previously associated with. This association ended earlier this year and Raw C product labelling is being updated. This will take a few months to flow through to the stock in our stores.