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25 February 2014:.Woolworths always looks to offer customers ways to save in our supermarkets and at the petrol pump.  

We remain disappointed that we have been curtailed from offering greater petrol discounts to our customers.  
We have discussed with the ACCC making our discounts independent of each other, and this change is underway.  
We believe our undertaking with the ACCC allows customers to combine offers of 4 cents from the supermarket and 4 cents from the petrol store to receive 8 cents a litre off their fuel. 
The ACCC has expressed a view that customers should only have access to one 4 cents offer at a time. 
Yesterday Woolworths asked the Court to make a declaration that allowing customers to redeem both discounts at the same time is in accordance with the undertaking.


For further information contact:
Woolworths Limited Press Office – ph 02 8885 1033
  • Woolworths seeks clarification on petrol discounts

    Woolworths seeks clarification on petrol discounts

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