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Wednesday, 14 October 2015: Woolworths is bringing the world of ancient animals to life in a new virtual world with the global gaming phenomenon, Minecraft.

In a world first for supermarkets, Woolworths has worked with developers to create a custom Ancient Animals in Minecraft ‘map’ that allows children to explore the habitats of dinosaurs and discover more about their history.

Minecraft is a game that challenges players to be creative and build any kind of structure made from 3D cubes, and has a 13+ year age recommendation. It has been dubbed a ‘sandbox’ video game because it allows users to play around, explore and create what they want, like kids in a sandpit.

Since its launch in 2011, more than 70 million users around the world have been mining and crafting blocks within a large world of varying terrains and habitats.

The game release follows the highly successful launch of the latest Woolworths Collectibles range, Ancient Animals. From daring dinosaurs to mystic creatures of the deep, there are 108 ancient animals to discover with 81 cards and 27 stickers in the set.

Ancient Animals in Minecraft will help children learn about the prehistoric world. The game is designed to foster creativity, logic and problem solving, creativity and team work.

Professor of Disruptive Technologies at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Stuart Smith, said; “Minecraft is already being explored as an educational tool by a number of schools around the world. Standard educational objectives, for example numerical problem solving and spatial reasoning through to citizenship and history, can be built into Minecraft in a fun and engaging way.

“Teachers in Australia are increasingly using the tool in the classroom because it taps into children’s interest in games and makes lessons hands-on,” he said.

Woolworths Head of Sponsorships and Events, Karen Madden, said; “We’re excited about the opportunity to work with Minecraft in a world first for a supermarket chain. It’s a landmark move for us to be able use this gaming technology to inspire and entertain our customers.

“Not only does Minecraft extend the educational and creative aspect of our Ancient Animals Collectibles program but also creates a form of learning for families that is fun and interactive. We’re looking forward to seeing what children create in these new worlds,” she said.

A Minecraft account is available for purchase from BIG W and is required to play Ancient Animals in Minecraft.  The Ancient Animals world can then be downloaded for free.


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