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Friday, 27 June 2014: Woolworths, Australia’s fresh food people, today announced it will start implementing the Federal Government’s  health star rating scheme as part its commitment to inspiring a healthier Australia.

A star rating provides shoppers with a quick and easy way to get important nutritional information about the foods they buy.  Woolworths will adopt star ratings for its own brand ranges including Homebrand, Select, Macro and Gold products.

State and federal health ministers agreed at a ministerial council meeting in Canberra today to endorse the voluntary scheme.

General Manager of Supermarket Operations, Pat McEntee, said Woolworths is committed to working with the federal government to implement the scheme.

“This is another step in Woolworths desire to inspire a healthier Australia. Our partnership with global healthy food campaigner Jamie Oliver, our commitment to providing quality affordable fresh food and groceries and now this rating scheme all help our customers make better decisions about the food they buy for their families,” he said.

Stevie Wring, Woolworths nutrition team manager, said, “Woolworths supermarkets have long supported sensible moves to give our customers simple, clear information about the products they’re buying.

“This scheme means a customer can come in to our stores and at a glance make an informed decision about their groceries.  We are looking forward to working with the government to smoothly introduce the scheme for our customers,” she said.

The changes to packaging will be rolled out across thousands of Woolworths products. Labels will be redesigned and packaging changed and Woolworths will work to ensure this is done quickly without causing disruption to our customers and our growers and suppliers.

The front of pack label will include a star rating from one to five determined using a formula developed by the federal government. For most products it will also include levels of four key components of kilojoules, saturated fat, sugars and sodium all per 100g allowing customers to compare between different products.

For further information please contact Woolworths press office on 02 8885 1033

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*Note to editors – example product images including health star ratings available on request. Please contact the Woolworths Press Office

  • Woolworths Supports Health Star Rating Scheme

    Woolworths Supports Health Star Rating Scheme

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