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Wednesday, 5 November 2014: Woolworths has launched its latest ‘Super Animals’ collectibles campaign with a new computer graphics animated TVC.

The TVC features a schoolboy in a high-speed chase across an African plain with one of the world’s fastest animals, the cheetah. 

Woolworths Chief Marketing Officer, Tony Phillips, said, “The campaign captures the very essence of what makes Woolworths collectibles cards unique. The introduction of CG technology has allowed us to bring to life the ‘super’ aspect of the new cards in a dynamic way.”

Co-founder of Altvfx, Colin Renshaw, who built the cheetah, said, “From the outset we wanted to up the ante with this ad. This meant not only modeling the cheetah from the skeleton up but also completely rebuilding our digital fur and grooming capabilities. We ended up with about three million individual strands of fur and some shots took 15 hours to render per frame.”

The integrated campaign will play out nationally on free-to-air and paid TV, online, in store and catalogue throughout November and December with online 30” and 15” pre-rolls running on YouTube.

The campaign is part of Woolworths’ ongoing partnership with Taronga Conservation Society Australia, which sees the supermarket launch 108 new Super Animals Sound Cards. The cards feature the world’s fastest, toughest, deadliest, smartest, fiercest, weirdest, sneakiest, loudest and showiest super animals. 

The range also includes a specially designed Super Animals Sound Card Reader, allowing you to bring to life the sound of the animal on the card. There is also a Super Animals Activity and Collector Albums with 50 cents from every album sold donated to the Taronga Conservation Society.

The cards and albums aim to give children a greater understanding of the remarkable wildlife we share our world with, inspiring them to help create a sustainable future for people and wildlife.

To see the ad, visit Woolworths YouTube Channel


Campaign credits:

Chief Creative Officer – Andy DiLallo

Managing Director – Peter Bosilkovski

Creative Director – Scott Hignett

Art Director – James Gali Barrow

Copywriter – Stuart Vidler

Director – Craig Rasmus

Visual Effects - Altvfx

Producer – Catherine Warner

Producer Rapid Films – Rita Gagliardi

Group Account Director – Suzie Baker

Business Director – Tanya Green

Planner – Nicky Bryson

Chief Marketing Officer: Tony Phillips

Head of Campaign Management: Karen Madden

Campaign Manager: Amanda Burwood

Media Agency: Carat

PR Agency: One Green Bean

For further information please contact the Woolworths Press Office on (02) 8885 1033.




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    Woolworths Super Animals roar onto screens

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