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Wednesday, 11 March 2015: Woolworths has announced that it has introduced Farmers’ Own milk, sourced directly from dairy farms in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, across 194 stores in southern Queensland.

Farmers’ Own is fresh Queensland milk from local farms made available exclusively to Woolworths customers only.

Woolworths buys Farmers’ Own milk directly from farmers rather than through a processor. The milk is better tasting with a richer, fuller flavour.

Queensland is the latest state to roll out the highly successful Farmers’ Own brand, following a trial with NSW Manning Valley dairy farmers led to it being sold across that state. The milk is now also available in Western Australia from farms in the Margaret River and from the Otways region for Victorian customers.

The milk is permeate free and is available in three varieties; full cream and low fat homogenised milk and full cream unhomogenised milk with the cream on top. It’s milk just how the farmers like it.

Woolworths Head of Trade - Chilled, Paul Turner, said the product has proven to be great for farmers, great for Woolworths, but most importantly customers have shown they love it.

“Farmers’ Own is a fantastic, great tasting milk that we know Queenslanders will love. Local varieties in other states have been extremely popular and we know it’ll be just as popular here in southern Queensland.

“At this stage, the milk will be available as far north as our Rockhampton stores. We’re looking for a local farmer and processor in Far North Queensland to serve our customers in that area. The whole idea of Farmers’ Own milk is to support local farmers so we are working hard to cover the whole state.

“The choice of three varieties means customers can enjoy full cream, low fat or unhomogenised milk with the cream on top which will bring back great memories for many Queenslanders,” he said.

Dairy farmer, Lucas Kennedy, said, “Farmers’ Own milk has meant we can deliver a great quality product straight to our customers. We’re excited about being able to supply southern Queensland with really great tasting milk from our farm here on the Mary River.

“All farmers want to see a fair price for what they produce. We’re sure that Woolworths’ customers want to see farmers getting a fair go Farmers’ Own milk gives us a direct relationship with both Woolworths and customers. In the end, our customers get a great products we really stand behind,” Mr Kennedy said.

The relationship gives farmers end-to-end transparency from shed to shelf, a long term contract and a closer relationship with their customers.

For further information please contact the Woolworths Press Office on 02 8885 1033.


  • Milk just like the farmers like it comes to Queensland

    Milk just like the farmers like it comes to Queensland

    Download a copy of our Milk just like the farmers like it comes to Queensland Find out more