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Monday, 30th November 2015: Woolworths, the fresh food people, is giving kids the chance to eat their favourite fruit for free when they visit the supermarket. 

In the first national program of its type, every Woolworths will contain clearly marked stands in the fruit and vegetable section featuring a selection of fresh seasonal fruits sourced from local farmers and suppliers.

Kids will be encouraged to grab fruit such as mandarins, apples and bananas and enjoy it while their parent or carer shops.

Woolworths has committed to the programs in an effort help children eat their recommended two serves of fruit a day* and is part of Woolworths commitment to inspire a healthier Australia. It follows a successful trial in selected stores across South Australia and groundbreaking program in Countdown in New Zealand. 

Managing Director of Woolworths Food Group, Brad Banducci, said, “We’ve been overwhelmed at the success of the Free Fruit for Kids pilot scheme in South Australia and the positive response from parents and kids. 

Free Fruit for Kids is not only a great way to encourage healthy eating habits but also an easy way to keep the little ones occupied whilst shopping. We know that a trip to the supermarket can be a busy time and the free fruit initiative is just one way we are hoping to give parents and carers a helping hand,” he said.

Woolworths sources 96 per cent of its fruit and vegetables from Australian farmers. The only fruit and vegetables we import are to make out of season produce available to customers or if there are shortages in the Australian supply. The fruit chosen to give away will be Australian grown and the same great quality available in our stores.  Also, it will generally be produce that is in season and in abundance.

Customers will see the fruit baskets appearing in stores over the coming weeks. 

For further information please contact the One Green Bean on (02) 8020 1839.


* Recommended by Go for 2 and 5, and the Australian Government