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Tuesday 19 February 2013: Families struggling to rebuild after the recent bushfires will receive a boost today, with The Salvation Army receiving a donation of over $400,000 from Woolworths.

Woolworths State Manager for Tasmania and Victoria, Ms Claire Lauber, presented the Salvation Army with the funds this morning at the Salvos Tasmania divisional headquarters in New Town.

Woolworths began accepting customer donations to The Salvation Army’s Disaster Relief Appeal just after the fires and then boosted those funds with a company donation of $100,000. The total donated by customers and Woolworths for bushfire affected communities in need has now reached $438,450.

Salvation Army spokesperson, Mr Stuart Foster, said, “On behalf of the families who are so in need of help at this time, we thank Woolies and their customers.

“The emotional and physical scarring to many communities is now clear with homes destroyed and families uprooted.

“This $400,000 donation from Woolworths and its customers will go a long way to helping families across bushfire affected areas, including those in Tasmania, on the road to recovery."

Mr Foster said the funds would be used to provide both immediate and long term support, “This assistance has initially included meals, water as well as emotional support to families and individuals in need. Going forward, however, we will also be providing grants to families to help them rebuild their lives.

“Woolworths and The Salvation Army have a strong relationship and have worked together for over three years providing disaster relief to Australian communities.

Woolworths State Manager for Tasmania and Victoria, Ms Claire Lauber, said, “I’m really pleased at this fantastic joint effort from ourselves and our customers which will enable the continuation of the important work the Salvos are doing to help bushfire affected communities recover.

“Woolworths has also been assisting with relief efforts on the ground, providing food and water to those in need, and ensuring that employees affected are being taken care of.

“Woolworths is a key part of communities across Tasmania and we are here to help – both with the everyday and in times of need.

“Together with our donations to the flood relief appeal, Woolworths and our customers have now raised $1, 438,450 in just five weeks to help The Salvation Army with their relief efforts."

For further information please contact:
The Salvation Army Media Office on 0422 230 280 or Woolworths Press Office on 02 8885 1033