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Woolworths Group currently operates a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP) which provides shareholders with a convenient method of reinvesting all or part of their dividends to obtain additional shares in the company, without having to pay the cost of brokerage.

Participation in the DRP is optional, but the registered address of your shareholding must be in Australia or New Zealand. There is currently no minimum or maximum number of shares required for participation. 

The Board will determine whether the DRP will apply with respect to each Dividend at the time it considers the declaration of that Dividend.

Woolworths Group will announce whether the DRP will apply with respect to a Dividend at the same time as that Dividend is announced.

Key Features of the DRP

Key features of the DRP include:

  • Increase your shareholding

If you elect to participate in the DRP, at each Dividend payment date, the Dividend otherwise payable in cash on your Shares participating in the DRP will be reinvested in Shares in the Company. These shares will either be issued to you or acquired and transferred to you. 

  • Optional and flexible participation 

You may apply the DRP to all or part of your shareholding and you may join, vary or withdraw your participation from the DRP at any time. 

  • No additional costs 

Shares acquired under the DRP are free of brokerage, commission or other transaction costs. All administrative costs will be borne by the Company. You will remain responsible for payment of any taxes assessed against you as a Shareholder. 

  • Franking Credits 

Participation in the DRP will not affect your eligibility for franking credits.

You can register, amend or cancel your DRP participation via Link’s Investor Centre or you can contact Link:

Via email:

Via phone: +61 1300 368 664

Via website:

Changes to DRP Rules

In March 2022 Woolworths Group undertook a review of the DRP Rules. The updated Woolworths Group DRP Booklet, including the Rules, can be accessed here. 

The DRP rules will apply to all DRP participant shareholders.

Key changes to the DRP Rules

The 2022 amendments to the DRP Rules ensure compliance with regulatory changes and alignment to market best practice. The amendments to the DRP Rules include:

  • Summary and FAQ

Inclusion of a simple summary of key features and a set of frequently asked questions

  • Pricing period

Amending the DRP pricing period from 10 business days to not less than 5 business days

  • Eligibility

Providing greater clarity to Australian and New Zealand shareholders of their eligibility to participate

  • Termination

Providing greater clarity on what happens under termination of the DRP

  • Residual options

Providing shareholders with an option to receive cash payment of their residual balance upon exiting the DRP, rather than donating to charity

  • Allowances for new technology

Ensuring there is sufficient flexibility to allow acceptance of electronic broker variation or variation messages under the CHESS replacement modernisation agenda