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Transforming Woolworths Group for success in the new era of retail

The retail industry is changing rapidly. At Woolworths Group, we are embracing this change and the benefits that we know it will bring for our customers

On 3 July 2019, Woolworths Group announced its intention to combine the Woolworths Drinks Business and ALH Group to create Endeavour Group. 

Click here to view the 3 July 2019 ASX announcement

The creation of Endeavour Group was enabled by the Restructure, being the internal reorganisation through which certain assets and liabilities of the Woolworths Drinks Business, as well as Woolworths’ 75% ownership interest in ALH, were transferred into a distinct legal entity within Woolworths. The Restructure was implemented on 2 February 2020.

Following the Restructure, Woolworths completed the ALH Merger, whereby Woolworths (through Endeavour) acquired Bruce Mathieson Group's (BMG) interest in ALH in exchange for issuing BMG with a 14.6% shareholding in Endeavour. On completion of the ALH Merger, being 4 February 2020, Endeavour is 85.4% owned by Woolworths and 14.6% owned by BMG. 

With the Restructure and ALH Merger now completed, Woolworths intends to separate Endeavour Group through a demerger or other value accretive alternative. Woolworths currently intends to seek shareholder approval for this at an appropriate time in the future.

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