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The Woolworths Group Limited share register is managed by Link Market Services Limited.

The Link Investor Centre allows shareholders to easily access Link’s services and manages current holdings online.

To log into the Link Investor Centre you will need your Securityholder Reference Number (SRN) or Holder Identification Number (HIN) which can be found on your holding statement. You will also need your postcode or if your registered address is overseas, please click on the OUTSIDE AUSTRALIA link to look up your country of residence

To access Link’s online services please click on the relevant  link below:

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Woolworths shareholder enquiries: 1300 368 664

Woolworths Employee Share Plans

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Woolworths Employee Share Plan enquiries: 1800 111 281

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Employee Shareholding

Access your employee shareholding here

Employee Share Plan Information

Share Purchase Plan (SPP)


Share Purchase Plan 2020 - 2021

Woolworths Group Limited is pleased to offer team members the opportunity to participate in the Share Purchase Plan (SPP). The SPP makes it easier for team members to become Woolworths Group Limited shareholders and to share in the performance of our Company.  Over 20,000 Woolworths Group employees participate in the Plan.

The 2020 SPP Offer will open Monday 27 April 2020. Online applications for eligible employees are available through Link Market Services. The offer closes on Sunday 17 May 2020. Please contact Link via email @ or by calling 1800 111 281 if you have not received your personalised communication by Wednesday 29 April 2020.

Who is eligible?

Permanent full-time and part-time employees of the Woolworths Group who are Australian tax residents and are 18 years or older on 5 April 2020 are eligible. SPP application forms may be completed and submitted online through the Link Market Services Employee Investor Centre. The offer is not open to casual employees, employees who are not Australian residents or employees under the age of 18 years. Participation in the SPP is entirely voluntary.

How does the SPP work?

The SPP allows you to acquire Woolworths Group Limited shares to the value of either $1,000, $500 or $250 across each financial year.  For example, if you have elected to acquire $1,000 worth of shares during 2019, an amount of  $20.84 per week or $41.67 per fortnight will be deducted from your pre-tax income from July 2020 to June 2021, and shares will be purchased on your behalf each quarter at the current market price.  No brokerage costs are payable by participants.  As this is a salary sacrifice arrangement, your taxable income will be reduced which will generally mean you pay less tax than if you had purchased the same number of shares from after-tax income.

Restriction Period

In order for shares issued under the SPP to qualify for tax exemption, the shares are held under a three year restriction during which time they cannot be traded.  Tax legislation specifies that the minimum restriction period is three years from the allocation date. Shares acquired under the SPP can be transferred to you from the third anniversary of their allocation to you.

As with any financial decision, before you decide to participate in the SPP, you need to consider your personal circumstances.  We encourage you to seek independent financial advice before deciding to take up the invitation.  A copy of the SPP Booklet will be published on the Offer website during the Offer period and should be read thoroughly.

The Plan Rules and Trust Deed are attached.

Employee Share Plan (ESP)

The Employee Share Plan (ESP) was established in 1993 when Woolworths Group Limited shares were first made available as a result of the Initial Public Offering (IPO). Woolworths provided to eligible employees a ten year interest free loan. These shares were held in the name of the Trustee, Woolworths Custodian Pty Limited on behalf of the employee.

 Employee Share Plan – FAQs

ESP Allocation dates and prices

Employee Share Issue Plan (ESIP)

The Employee Share Issue Plan (ESIP) was established in 1999 as part of Woolworths 75th Anniversary celebrations. The final issue of shares under the ESIP was made to employees in 2004 and all shares issued are now Ordinary fully paid shares.

Employee Share Issue Plan – FAQs

 ESIP Allocation dates and Prices

Dividend History

Below are details of dividends paid to Employee Share Plan participants since October 2000. The schedule outlines the dividend amount credited to reduce outstanding loan balances, and the cash amount credited to members salary account – relating to the Ten Year Loan Plan shares. The final loans were satisfied in May 2013.

Date of Dividend Cents Per Share Franking Rate Credit to Loan Credit to Bank Account Total Dividend
05/10/2000 13c 34% 9c 4c 13c
27/04/2001 12c 34% 8c 4c 12c
05/10/2001 15c 30% 10c 5c 15c
30/04/2002 15c 30% 10c 5c 15c
08/10/2002 18c 30% 12c 6c 18c
30/04/2003 18c 30% 12c 6c 18c
03/10/2003 21c 30% 15c 6c 21c
30/04/2004 21c 30% 15c 6c 21c
08/10/2004 24c 30% 18c 6c 24c
29/04/2005 24c 30% 18c 6c 24c
07/10/2005 27c 30% 20c 7c 27c
28/04/2006 28c 30% 21c 7c 28c
06/10/2006 31c 30% 23c 8c 31c
27/04/2007 35c 30% 27c 8c 35c
05/10/2007 39c 30% 30c 9c 39c
24/04/2008 44c 30% 34c 10c 44c
03/10/2008 48c 30% 37c 11c 48c
24/04/2009 48c 30% 37c 11c 48c
09/10/2009 56c 30% 43c 13c 56c
23/04/2010 53c 30% 41c 12c 53c
15/10/2010 62c 30% 47c 15c 62c
29/04/2011 57c 30% 44c 13c 57c
14/10/2011 65c 30% 50c 15c 65c
27/04/2012 59c 30% 45c 14c 59c
12/10/2012 67c 30% 61c 16c 67c
26/04/2013 62c 30% 47c 15c 62c
11/10/2013 71c 30% n/a n/a 71c
24/04/2014 65c 30% n/a n/a 65c
10/10/2014 72c 30% n/a n/a 72c
24/04/2015 67c 30% n/a n/a 67c
09/10/2015 72c 30% n/a n/a 72c
08/04/2016 44c 30% n/a n/a 44c
07/10/2016 33c 30% n/a n/a 33c
07/04/2017 34c 30% n/a n/a 34c