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As a business, we are committed to improving the representation of women in management roles by building a pipeline of strong female talent across all areas of our organisation.

Since the appointment of our Chairman, Gordon Cairns, in September 2015, there has been a strong focus to drive diversity through increased female representation on our Board. Woolworths' Board now has an equal representation of women and men. Both Gordon Cairns and our CEO, Brad Banducci, are members of the Male Champions of Change, a group of CEOs and senior executives committed to achieving change on gender equality issues in organisations and communities.

Click here to see our report to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency

Key Highlights of our report

  • 53.6% of our workforce are women and we are working to increase the number of women in leadership roles
  • 39% of managers are women, continuing on our long-term commitment to improving gender equality 
  • 48% of our workforce work part-time and 32% work casually

We have a concerted focus on improving these results and the way Woolworths continues to work with its team members to offer flexible work options and the opportunity to develop successful careers.