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At Woolworths Group, Corporate Responsibility has always been about doing the right thing.  With our presence across Australia’s and New Zealand’s cities, regions and remote areas, we are part of the fabric of society. We know that our approach to sustainability will have an impact on our nations’ economies, communities and environments. We understand our responsibility for creating a better tomorrow. 

  • Our People

    Our People

    At the heart of our business is our people. We work hard to create a safe and inclusive environment for all our team members and to create...

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  • Our Planet

    Our Planet

    We recognise the environmental impact we have across our value chain and will work with our suppliers, service providers and operations to innovate...

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  • Our Customers and Community

    Our Customers and Community

    We recognise that trust, and being valued as a customer, are the cornerstones of our customers’ satisfaction. We are listening to our customers...

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  • Our Partners

    Our Partners

    We are a trusted business partner to thousands of suppliers and believe our relationships with our suppliers are a huge part of our success. Building...

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