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Woolworths Group Sustainability Plan 2025

Click here to view our full program of positive change for our people, our planet and our product.

This plan covers our 5 guiding principles and shows how we turn these into specific goals and detailed commitments that we aim to achieve by 2025.

Our guiding principles underpin our Sustainability Plan 2025 and will guide our journey towards a better tomorrow.


We act like a leader and speak up on issues that matter


We care for, and unlock the potential of, our people


We have a positive impact on the planet


We apply circular thinking in everything we do


We embrace the power of partnerships to create change

Turning guiding principles into goals and commitments

To turn guiding principles into action, we’ve broken them down into three distinct focus areas: People, Planet and Product. Each comes with its own set of goals and commitments.


Building a better tomorrow for our people means demonstrating our care, creating a great place for our teams to work and paving their way to a brighter future. It means letting people be their best self regardless of their gender, age, ethnicity, faith, ability or sexual orientation.

It means supporting our communities, building partnerships and working hand in hand with our suppliers to make sure that every worker in our supply chain is treated with respect.

We’ve identified areas where we can make a positive change to the future of our people, our partners and our communities.

  • Be a truly inclusive workplace
  • Invest in the holistic wellbeing of our team
  • Create meaningful retail careers in the workplace of the future
  • Activate ethical and mutually beneficial partnerships through the whole value chain
  • Have a positive impact on our customers and communities


Building a better tomorrow for our planet means repairing and protecting the world we live in for future generations.

It means going further than just limiting negative impacts; it means actively finding ways to create positive benefit.

We care deeply about leaving the environment better off for future generations.

  • 100% Green electricity by 2025
  • Zero food waste to landfill by 2025
  • Net positive carbon emissions by 2050
  • Practise responsible stewardship of natural resources


Building a better tomorrow through our products means evolving the way we do business to embrace circular thinking – which means all waste is a resource.

It means making it easy for our customers to choose products that are healthier, sustainably sourced and responsibly packaged.

We can have a positive impact on people and the planet through the products and services we provide.

  • Materially increase healthier choices in our customers’ baskets
  • 100% of Own Brand packaging is sustainable
  • 100% of Own Brand sourcing is sustainable
  • Lead the future of protein
  • Lead the responsible service and consumption of alcohol and gaming

Download the full Woolworths Group Sustainability Plan 2025 here.