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Our goal is to have Customers put us 1st, across all our brands.

To achieve this we have 5 priorities:

  1. Building a customer and store-led culture and team
  2. Generating sustainable sales momentum in Food
  3. Evolving our Drinks business to provide even more value and convenience to customers
  4. Empowering our portfolio businesses to pursue strategies to deliver shareholder value
  5. Becoming a lean retailer through end-to-end process and systems excellence

It all starts with building a great retail team that listens to customers, team members and suppliers. Through our Voice of the Customer programme across our brands, our store teams and Support Office team receive daily feedback from our customers. This means our team can focus every day on continuing to improve our offer and shopping experience for our customers.

Our Australian Food team has rallied behind our purpose ‘we bring a little good to everyone every day' and is working towards a clear strategy to put our customers 1st:

Our Drinks business, including Dan Murphy's and BWS, continues to innovate our offer to provide the best value and convenience to customers, in-store and online.

Our NZ Food team is engaged on their purpose ‘To make Kiwis' lives a little better everyday'. To deliver this, they have made 4 strategic commitments:

Our Purpose:

To make Kiwis’ lives a little better everyday

Our Commitments:

Our Portfolio businesses – BIG W, Quantium and ALH, have separate boards, to enable each one to focus on delivering shareholder value.

The BIG W team is working towards their vision to help all Australians ‘LIVE BIG FOR LESS', and are pursuing a strategy to turnaround their business.

A changing business

Retailing never stands still. That's why it's such an exciting business to be in. Right now, retailers everywhere are experiencing huge changes in the ways they operate. It's being driven by customer demand, by technology and by choice. We are responding to this new era in three ways.

  1. We are placing the customer at the heart of our business
  2. We are listening to what customers want
  3. We are creating new and innovative ways for them to shop with us

The future of shopping

In the past few years, mobile technology has changed every facet of life, especially retail. Customers not only have the ability to shop how, when and where they want, they enjoy access to products and prices from every corner of the globe.

We understand customers want to move seamlessly and effortlessly between physical and virtual stores on their terms. Which is why we are investing in areas that open our businesses in ways that complement our physical stores. These include websites, mobile apps, virtual stores and new delivery options.

Working harder for customers

Woolworths serves around 18 million customers every week and we value each and every one. We know they have endless choices about where to shop. It's up to us to work hard to earn their custom and reward their loyalty. Here's how.


With more than 9 million members and a unique money-off proposition, Woolworths Rewards is Australia's most attractive supermarket loyalty program. It gives members the ability to earn Woolworths Dollars and get money off their shopping, as well as exclusive access to a wide range of offers and promotions. Find out more.


We talk to our customers all the time. More importantly, we listen. Across our group, we conduct research to find out what customers think of our stores, our offers, our service and more. Their invaluable feedback tells us what works well and where we need to work harder to improve the customer experience.


Customer Talkback is a new initiative where we hold customer focus groups around the country. Customers get the chance to give feedback directly to their store and we get a better understanding of what they like and what we can do better.

Often, it's the smallest changes that can make the biggest improvements. We are only too happy to make them happen. Recent changes include:

  • Better bag packing
  • Larger bags at self-serve checkouts
  • More half sized trolleys
  • Up-to-date store directories in every aisle
  • Improved information about fresh food seasonality


We are often asked what we do with the information we obtain from our Woolworths Rewards loyalty program. We put it to use in several ways.

  • We personalise our member offers to make them more useful
  • We analyse how customers shop to help us improve what we do
  • We ensure we stock the right products in the right stores at the right time
  • We track trends to make space for new products

For information on how we may collect, hold, use and disclose your information, please see the Woolworths Rewards Privacy Policy.

Exciting store innovations 

Fresh Sushi Bars 

Woolworths is bringing all the theatre of a sushi restaurant to a supermarket near you. You can now pick up fresh, delicious sushi, handmade by expert chefs in-store. It's the perfect choice for healthy lunches, light dinners or entertaining parties.

Fish, Bag and Bake 

Fish, Bag and Bake is a fantastic in-store development encouraging Australia's fish-loving consumers to feel confident cooking seafood at home. Simply pick a fish fillet from the seafood counter, choose a tasty sauce at no extra cost and we'll seal it in an oven-ready bag. Voila. No mess, no fuss, restaurant quality seafood at home.

MSA Beef & Lamb

Woolworths was the first national supermarket to stock Meat Standards Australia (MSA) beef and lamb. This means every cut bearing the MSA label has been specially graded and certified to guarantee superior eating quality. Look for the label to get the juiciest, tender Aussie beef and lamb every time.

Our Approach - How we do business

A solid foundation

Our commitment to hard work and integrity is resolute. We are proud of our down-to-earth culture and we celebrate our family-friendly values.

Most of our senior leaders started their careers with us on the shop floor, so you'll find these principles woven into every aspect of our operations, from the checkout all the way up to the boardroom.

Led by our customers

Every aspect of our business exists with the purpose of making the lives of our customers simpler, easier and better.

Which is why our customers sit at the heart of every decision we make. We strive to be open, honest, fair and transparent in all dealings.

Putting our people first

Here at Woolworths, we take care of our own - customers, team members, manufacturers, producers - anyone and everyone who walks through our doors.

As a result, we service 28 million loyal customers every single week and we have a happy family of more than 190,000 team members - 6,500 of whom have been with us for over 25 years.

Partner relationships that work

A relationship of trust

When it comes to working with our partners, we are governed by three simple ideas: collaboration, fairness and source locally.

Underpinning it all is a working relationship built on mutual trust. More than 80% of our suppliers have been partners for a decade or longer and we work very closely with them to develop the products and services our customers love.

The freedom to speak up

If a partner or vendor is concerned about our relationship, we want them to feel comfortable enough to tell us.

That's why, in 2012, we became the first Australian company to introduce a third-party managed complaints line, specifically for dealing with issues raised by vendors.

The brands you love

The trusted names

We go to great lengths to ensure the products we put on our shelves are the products you want to buy. That's why each of our stores is fully stocked with the established household brands you know and love.

What's more, we understand choice and variety is the spice of life, so you'll also find a number of up-and-coming brands and products dotted around the store to help keep things a bit more interesting.

Home-grown selection

As an alternative to the thousands of branded products on our shelves, we've put a lot of work into developing our own selection of high quality, great value choices.

Homebrand is a range of everyday household products and represent exceptional value for money.

Select is a range of exceptional products, tested for their quality and reliability.

Macro is our exclusive organic, natural selection, developed for those seeking healthier options and supporting animal welfare and sustainable farming practices