Wednesday , 21 August 2019: Woolworths Fresh Magazine, a free magazine that is available at Woolworths stores nationwide, now has a readership of over 5 million according to the latest emma report. 


Woolworths Fresh Magazine Manager, Nicky Harper said; “By solving everyday food dilemmas and providing engaging recipe ideas, tips and advice that inspire our readers to try something new, ‘Fresh’ actively helps Woolworths customers get more from every shop. 


“We are pleased to see that our readers are getting value out of the magazine, through authentic, attainable tips and high-quality recipes - all for free. 


“Each month in the magazine, we take great pride in ensuring that all of our recipe ideas focus on the beautiful fresh in-season produce that is available at that time alongside healthier, easier and convenient meal options that are suitable whether you are feeding a family, friends, a partner or yourself. 


“Our readers can also learn about the latest food trends and how you can hack fantastic food products that are available in the supermarket and make the dish your very own.” 


The latest Woolworths Fresh Magazine September ‘19 Issue is available for free in Woolworths stores on Wednesday, 28th August and will feature light and fresh flavours of Spring.