Woolworths has backed new National Packaging Targets, which will see 100 per cent of all packaging become reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025.


The targets - announced today by the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) - will help Australia move toward a circular economy, where waste is treated as a resource.


Woolworths is particularly supportive of the adoption of more recycled content in packaging and the opportunities to build a larger recycling industry in Australia.


Woolworths Head of Sustainability Adrian Cullen said: “We’re currently introducing recycled content packaging on our Woolworths branded 600ml water and looking at opportunities across other product ranges as well.


“In the future, we look forward to being able to source this type of recycled content packaging from local providers as we see the Australian recycling industry grow.


“This will not only be a win for local jobs and industry, it’ll also be a more sustainable option for our customers.”


Woolworths has been a lead member of APCO since 2007 and was the first supermarket to commit to the Australasian Recycling Label.


Mr Cullen added; “We know customers want to do the right thing and recycle packaging the right way, but have been frustrated in the past by unclear labelling.


“The Australasian Recycling Label offers a clear and easy guide for customers to do this and will hopefully lead to more recycling.


“We’re delighted to see more than 50 business have now signed up to the label.”


The Australasian Recycling Label has already appeared on Woolworths Own Brand products including ready made meals, pre-packed salads and Woolworths’ Skyr yoghurt. It will continue to be added to other products as packaging is refreshed and updated.