Tuesday, 11 September 2018: Woolworths Group Limited (Woolworths) notes today’s media reports that law firm Maurice Blackburn yesterday filed class action proceedings in the Federal Court to be funded by what it understands to be an off-shore litigation funder. :

Woolworths notes that a proposed class action was previously announced by IMF Bentham and Maurice Blackburn on 11 April 2017. Following that announcement, Woolworths corresponded with IMF Bentham. On 24 January 2018, IMF Bentham announced that it had decided not to proceed with funding the claim as it considered that the proposed class action did not meet its investment criteria.


Woolworths has received no further correspondence from Maurice Blackburn following IMF Bentham’s announcement prior to today’s media reports.


Woolworths will consider any proceedings once served, but otherwise anticipates that they will be thoroughly defended.