Tuesday 4 June 2024: Woolworths has added a range of household favourites to its Low Price programme for winter, giving customers certainty that seasonal picks will stay at the same price for weeks and weeks. 

A range of winter warmers have been selected for the programme including hearty meats, soups, and some vegetables and fruit. Some highlights are:

  • Pork shoulder roast ($9.90 per kg)

  • Frozen bone-in lamb leg ($12.90 per kg)

  • Free-farmed pork mince 13% fat 750g pack ($11.50)

  • Brown onions 1.5kg bag ($3.50)

  • Potatoes 4kg bag ($10.00)

  • Simply red apples 1.5kg bag ($5.50)

  • Harraways rolled oats 1.3kg bag ($4.49)

  • Wattie’s Very Special soup range 535g ($3.80)

The winter additions bring the total number of items on Low Price to over 2,000. Other household favourites are being kept on Low Price for the winter season including:

  • Woolworths mixed grade barn eggs 12 pack ($9.00)

  • Golden crumpets 6 pack (2 packs for $5.60)

  • Woolworths mild, colby, edam cheese 250g blocks ($5.70)

  • The Good Taste soup range 500g ($5.00)

  • Woolworths everyday cheese 1kg ($10.00)

Woolworths New Zealand Commercial Director, Pieter de Wet says that winter is a tough time for New Zealanders, with increased household bills and stretched budgets, and it’s important that Woolworths makes it easier for customers to get great value on their grocery shop. 

“With our seasonal additions to Low Price, it’s all about making sure our customers can budget delicious, warming meals with the certainty that their winter favourites are going to stay at the same price for weeks,” says Pieter.

Woolworths is also introducing new value stands to the front of many of its stores, highlighting how customers can ‘get their Woolies worth’ in their shop. The stands will be rolled out to 130 Woolworths stores in the coming weeks and will be updated weekly to reflect the best offers in-store including specials, member prices and Low Price products. 

Woolworths first introduced its Low Price programme in September 2023, the full range of Low Price products can be found here

Low Price is in addition to the thousands of weekly specials that Woolworths New Zealand has on offer. Customers can also save with The Odd Bunch which are fruit and vegetables that are slightly odd, but still taste great, and are at least 20 per cent cheaper than comparable items.