1 February 2024: Today Woolworths New Zealand has a new loyalty programme and its first members will get a surprise boost to their account, without needing to spend a cent.

Everyday Rewards launches in Aotearoa from February 1 and adopts an easy-to-understand points system where every $1 spent at the supermarket earns 1 Everyday Rewards point. Members who download the app and sign up in February will automatically be rewarded with one thousand points without spending a thing.

“Instead of spending $1000 on groceries to get the equivalent points, new members this month will be gifted the points straight off the bat to help them get money off their shop faster,” says Mark Wolfenden, Woolworths New Zealand’s Director of Digital and Loyalty.

The new Everyday Rewards programme delivers a multi-million dollar increase in rewards from its predecessor, Onecard, as part of the supermarket’s commitment to providing Kiwis with more value with its move from Countdown to Woolworths.

Members will be rewarded with a $15 Rewards voucher every time they reach 2000 Everyday Rewards points and have the choice to redeem at Woolworths supermarkets or bp.

Other partners include ASB Bank and Vineonline, with more partners to be announced over the coming months.

In addition to the instant 1000 points, Woolworths is celebrating the launch with a series of Boost offers for members to activate in the Everyday Rewards app or online, including double points on all shops from 1st to 4th February 2024. There is also a 20 cent per litre discount available at bp (on a fill of up to 50L) with the first scan of their Everyday Rewards card.

“With this kickstart at launch plus our enhanced Boost offer programme and even more opportunities to earn across the partner network, we’re expecting members to reach their rewards faster than ever this month,” says Mark.

“On launch day alone members can earn up to 4000 points – the equivalent of $30 of rewards vouchers – simply by downloading and signing into the Everyday Rewards app and linking to their ASB Visa Rewards credit card, BPme and Vineonline.”

Special member pricing on products will also be unlocked when an Everyday Rewards card is used and members will receive personalised Boost offers delivered to their inbox, online or accessed within the Everyday Rewards app helping members earn points even faster.

“If members take advantage of the offers tailored specially for them, they could be earning rewards over twice as fast as our previous programme,” says Mark.

Everyday Rewards is available in a digital format, with the launch of its app from today to allow members to earn points, check their point balance, and access specials and offers available at Woolworths supermarkets nationwide and from its partners.

"We’re seeing more people turn away from plastic cards, so we've built the app to hold a digital card ready to scan at the checkout. We’ll also have physical Everyday Rewards cards for members who prefer them,” says Mark.

In a bid to stop old cards ending up in the bin and landfills, Woolworths has collection boxes at all in-store customer service desks for defunct Onecards and will recycle them with TerraCycle.

Once collected, the cards will be sorted, cleaned, and melted into plastic pellets which are then supplied as raw material to new product manufacturers. The recycled raw material can then be remoulded to make new recycled products such as outdoor furniture and plastic shipping pallets.

Previous registered members of Onecard will see their existing points and vouchers automatically transfer to their Everyday Rewards accounts from today.

Everyday Rewards partners bp, Vineonline and ASB Bank are putting up some big offers of their own this month and are encouraging people to take advantage of the offers early.

Further details about Everyday Rewards can be found at everydayrewards.co.nz