• Woolworths Pick Fresh Play Fresh Netball Grants return and are open to over 1,500 Netball clubs and associations with a registered Woolworths NetSetGO centre, nationwide
  • A share of $100k in total to be awarded, including the popular $20,000 People’s Choice award returning 

  • 1 in 2 Australian kids aged 5-10 participate in a Woolworths sponsored program including netball, cricket and surfing

  • 1m+ people played netball between July 2022 - July 2023 with an overall increase across both males and females (AusPlay data 2024)


3 May 2024:

The Woolworths Pick Fresh Play Fresh Netball Grants are back again for 2024, with local netball clubs and associations across Australia, who have a Woolworths NetSetGO centre, encouraged to apply to win a share of $100K to benefit young Aussie netballers. 

As part of this, the popular $20K People’s Choice Award returns for the second year, spotlighting the club or association that receives the most votes, encouraging their local members and supporters to get involved. 

The Grants have been designed to help local clubs and associations encourage young Aussie netballers to eat healthier and be more active. The funds will allow for improvements to facilities and equipment, subsidising registration fees, and purchasing healthy foods for their canteen. 

Winners of the inaugural People’s Choice Award in 2023, Berwick Netball Club in Victoria, have experienced the benefits first-hand. 

Lani Mannays, President of the club, said, “The funds from the Woolworths Pick Fresh Play Fresh Netball Grants have had a huge impact on our club, helping us invest in new training equipment and kids, enhancing our facilities, and also run nutrition sessions for our junior and senior players. We've also been able to purchase a new blender to help kids have the right nutrition before and after games with healthy smoothies.”

Commenting on the importance of the Woolworths’ Netball Grants, former Australian Diamonds player and Woolworths NetSetGO ambassador, Catherine Cox, said, “The Woolworths Pick Fresh Play Fresh Netball Grants are close to my heart as a coach for my young daughter’s local netball team. Helping kids across Australia get involved in the amazing team spirit of netball from a young age and develop healthy habits to fuel their passion is so important.” 

“Woolworths’ partnership with Netball Australia showcases their dedication to supporting local communities by encouraging kids to experience the advantages of leading active lives and prioritising healthy food choices.” 

Since 2019, Woolworths has supported grassroots netball in partnership with Netball Australia, having donated over $1.3 million to over 311 clubs. 

This builds on Woolworths’ sponsorship of a number of community sports programs including grassroots cricket and surfing. Over the last 12 months, 1 in 2 Aussie kids, aged 5-10 years old have participated in, or received funding from, a Woolworths sponsored community program across netball, cricket and surfing. 

With the aim to support local netball clubs and associations to provide young netballers with improved facilities and encourage healthy habits, Woolworths General Manager of Health and Nutrition, Stevie Wring commented: “Research has revealed only 1 in 10 Australian kids meet the vegetable serving recommendations for a balanced diet, and with screen time continuing to rise fueling sedentary behaviour, the future health and wellbeing of young Australians is cause for concern.”  

“This is where our Woolworths Pick Fresh Play Fresh Netball Grants plays such a crucial role to help clubs and associations promote healthy eating habits within their club, and encourage active lifestyles. Whether it’s refueling between quarters with freshly cut oranges or replenishing energy with bananas post-game, we want to help inspire current and future young athletes to pick fresh and play fresh this season.”

Interim CEO of Netball Australia Stacey West comments, “The partnership with Woolworths over the past five years has brought such a positive impact and continues to provide huge benefits to community level netball. Netball is played by over one million Australians, and we are proud to be championing healthy eating habits with fruit and vegetables a key element of anyone’s daily diet, particularly young sporting stars.”

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Clubs and associations with a Woolworths NetSetGO centre across the country are encouraged to apply via the website, pickfreshplayfresh.com.au, with applications now open until 7 July 2024.

Grants available to win:

  • 10 x $8k grants (based on entry)

  • 1 x $20k grants (based on community votes)

For clubs and associations to apply for a grant:

  1. They must have a Woolworths NetSetGO centre to be eligible

  2. Must specify the tangible project, activity or equipment they have in mind to utilise the grant money

  3. Must answer ‘Explain in detail how your club or association would use the grant to help kids pick fresh and play fresh’.

  4. All projects for grant funding must tie into Pick Fresh (eating healthy food) or Play Fresh (being Active)