• Woolworths New Zealand is seeing significant price drops on autumnal vegetables with some up to 30% cheaper than this time last year, and household favourites like lettuce up to 40% cheaper. This trend is expected to continue through the colder month
  • Key produce lines that are seeing lower prices right now include kūmara, pumpkin, onions and end of season tomatoes
  • New Zealanders are making the most of good value in the produce aisle with sale volumes up over 5% in the last two weeks and early signs of a reversal of moves towards frozen and tinned fruit and vegetablesv

26 March 2024: Customers shopping at Woolworths are making the most of lower prices on produce right now with the start of a reversal of trends towards frozen and tinned options. There is also strong demand for seasonal fruit and vegetables that are much cheaper than the same time last year.

Late season tomatoes are 30 per cent cheaper than they were at the same time in 2023, and autumn classics like kūmara and pumpkin are 20-30 per cent cheaper than last year. Onions are also down in price when compared to the same time in 2023.

Woolworths New Zealand’s General Manager Fruit and Vegetables, Ryan McMullen, says that New Zealand shoppers are incredibly price sensitive and the retailer has started to notice changes in shopping habits as prices in the produce section have dropped.

“It’s been a tough time for our customers and, while inflation is still hurting in many areas, it’s really heartening to see prices coming down significantly on last year and our customers are noticing that.

“For example, we’ve had kūmara back in season and at a very strong price - we’ve been blown away by the demand from customers who see the value and are able to buy that good, fresh food. In the last two weeks kūmara demand has been up by over 70 per cent.

“My message to New Zealanders is to get out there and keep putting fresh fruit and veg in their trolleys. Our growers have worked hard to get great harvests this year and with the weather on our side too, it’s all pointing towards fantastic value for customers this autumn - so make the most of it!” says Ryan.

Customers can save on produce at Woolworths by shopping in season, choosing Odd Bunch produce and by making the most of Fresh Deals.