21 March 2023: HealthyLife, has launched telehealth consultations, providing convenient, virtual access to healthcare practitioners via a network* of GPs, dietitians, nutritionists and in-house naturopaths.

With Australia currently facing a GP shortage(1) and increasing GP gap fee payments, HealthyLife’s GP consultations will offer same day** appointments with Australian based practitioners for a range of services including: health consultations, medical certificates, e-scripts and referrals, for a one off fee starting at $25.(2) 

Sarah Gray, General Manager Health & Nutrition says: “There are many reasons why patients may need to speak with a real GP via phone or video call. For example when they are not physically able to leave the house, for children’s health advice, or simply because they cannot access their regular doctor. 

“In addition to providing fast access to trusted health advice, telehealth patients can request an e-script from the GP, have the script fulfilled and delivered to their door through our partner SuperPharmacy, via the healthylife platform -  all from the comfort of their own home.

“We also know that there’s a growing demand for holistic healthcare advice for conditions including weight management, gut health conditions and chronic pain. That’s why we are providing virtual and cost effective consultations with dietitians and nutritionists whose services are not always as accessible, particularly for those living in rural areas or facing budget pressures.” 

Accessing a holistic health practitioner appears to be out of reach for some with only 6% of Australian adults consulting with a naturopath over a 12 month period.(3) 

Nicole Dynan Founder and Director of The Gut Health Dietitian says: “We are pleased to partner with HealthyLife to provide virtual access to a team of accredited dietitians and  nutritionists we hope we’ll be able to bridge the gap for those who have struggled to access these specialised services in the past. 

“Our practitioners can provide practical advice and guidance on health conditions like gut issues, food intolerances, medical conditions, weight management and general healthy eating, helping all Australians live a healthy life.” 

The standard 30 minute consultation fee with an accredited dietitian or nutritionist is: $115, a standard 15 minute GP consultation is $45 and a 15 minute virtual consultation with a naturopath is free of charge.  

For more information on HealthyLife’s telehealth services visit: https://www.healthylife.com.au/discover/telehealth



For further information contact: Woolworths Group Media at media@woolworths.com.au or (02) 8885 1033


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2 Telehealth consultations may not be suitable in all circumstances, if a telehealth consultation is not suitable for you, the healthcare professional you book with will also alert you prior to the appointment. GP telehealth services are best suited when you cannot access your regular GP.

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About HealthyLife:

HealthyLife, part of Woolworths Group, was launched in 2021 with the goal to help all Australians live a healthier life. HealthyLife provides access to trusted advice from health professionals, health tracking and a specialised range of health products including vitamins, personal care, skin care, nutrition based natural, organic and sustainable products. 

HealthyLife's Health Advisory Board consists of Doctors, a Pharmacist, a Psychologist, Nutritionists and Dietitians, who bring to life advice and propositions for its customers. 


*About HealthyLife’s telehealth services:

HealthyLife works with Global Health to provide a third party platform that connects customers with qualified service providers (including GPs, dietitians and nutritionists). These service providers have sole responsibility for their services, products and information, and are independent of healthylife. Customers should make their own investigations in relation to the suitability and services provided by the relevant service provider. 

Typical wait time to speak to a GP is 20 minutes - this may vary depending on availability and demand. 

**Same day appointments are typically available when made prior to 4pm (AEST / QLD time which is 1 hour behind NSW / VIC). 


About Global Health Limited:

Global Health (ASX: GLH) is a leading provider of Digital Health solutions to the Australian Healthcare Industry. 

Global Health helps streamline the delivery of healthcare services and provide better health outcomes across various health sectors, including acute and community settings. It offers a range of tailored software and SaaS solutions helping health businesses to be more efficient and deliver excellent patient care. These include electronic medical records for health delivery organisations, client management systems for community health, patient administration systems for hospitals, practice management systems, secure messaging for connected care, patient engagement platforms and consumer health records.