6 June 2023: Countdown has announced a new commitment to value in the fruit and veg aisle with the retailer’s popular Odd Bunch range guaranteed to be at least 20 per cent less than the standard shelf price of comparable fruit and veg.

The Odd Bunch range has been a key part of Countdown’s produce aisle since 2017, and in that time it’s proved increasingly popular with New Zealanders, with Odd Bunch now making up to 20 per cent of sales in some categories, like apples, capsicums and carrots. In the last financial year alone, Countdown customers purchased over nine million bags of Odd Bunch produce. 

Countdown’s Commercial Director for Fresh, Pieter de Wet, says the supermarket is pleased to be taking The Odd Bunch to the next level and committing to customers that they’re getting a great deal every time they buy from the range. 

“We know value, especially in fruit and veg, is more important than ever for our customers who are looking for more ways to save when shopping, and committing to at least 20 per cent off The Odd Bunch is one more thing we can do to make it easier for them.

“And not only can customers be certain they’re getting a great, affordable option - they’re also helping prevent food waste and providing an outlet for our growers’ fruit and veg that might look a little different but still tastes great!” 

The Odd Bunch and the types of produce included, will change with the seasons and supply, but Countdown’s 20 per cent less commitment will stay all year round. Stock will also vary from store to store, depending on the seasons and availability.

Countdown is also committed to helping customers find value across their entire grocery shop heading into winter, and will be holding the prices of over 100 key grocery lines with its Great Price for Winter programme which runs until 20 August 2023.

The Great Price for Winter programme includes milk, tinned tomatoes, mushrooms, margarine, potatoes, muesli bars, chicken and more.

Countdown’s Commercial Director for Packaged Goods, Steve Mills, says the programme will help customers have price certainty on products they regularly buy in-store and online over winter. 

“We know that affordability has never been more important to our customers. While we certainly can’t control all of the factors that are contributing to inflation, we hope that holding the prices on these key products goes some way towards helping New Zealanders this winter.”