13 JUNE 2023: Australia’s favourite annual toy event is back! BIG W’s Big Whopping Toy Sale features big discounts on the latest and greatest toys kids love with selected favourites better than half price. Kicking off online from today and in store from 15 June, running until 12 July.

In celebration of the most anticipated sale of the year, BIG W has released its top toy trends pulled together by a team of toy experts, identifying the hottest trends for shoppers to look out for. From Blockbuster Entertainment to Imaginative Play, BIG W’s toy buyers have worked hard to ensure that the brands and products available at BIG W are the most exciting and on trend Australians have ever seen.

BIG W's Chief Toy Buyer, Christine Faulkner says, “This year, the Big Whopping Toy Sale has had an exciting refresh. We’ve got a brand-new name with great new deals and a number of exclusive additions to our ever-growing toy range.

With fantastic deals across all toy categories, our dedicated team has delved into shopping data and consumer behaviours to uncover the latest toy trends. These trends will help guide parents in buying the toys kids will love, while also meeting budgets.”

Last year BIG W sold over 2.5 million units of LEGO and continue to see the brand be a favourite for Aussies, this year’s Big Whopping Toy Sale will include two LEGO products on offer that are available only at BIG W. The retailer is also welcoming eight new Barbie toys ahead of the highly anticipated Barbie movie landing in cinemas next month. 

The top toy trends for 2023 according to BIG W:

  • Blockbuster Entertainment: New release movie titles are bringing a refreshing take on iconic toy brands, with favourites like “Transformers: Rise of the Beasts” in cinemas this month and “Barbie” hitting screens in July. BIG W predicts trending products this year will include the Barbie Doll & Playset – Pool ($19) and the Rise of the Beast B-Mode Optimus Prime ($79).

  • Plush Comfort: Plush toys have become all the rage again after sales jumping in 2022 with the rise of cuddly toys like Squishmallows - 40cm Plush Assorted ($36) and of course, the evergreen Care Bears Limited Edition Thanks a Lot Bear ($39) comforting many.

  • Imaginative Play: Sustained growth in the doll and figurine category continues to support imaginative play for kids, offering endless possibilities and providing them the opportunity to reflect and play out evolving cultural and societal trends. The Kindi Kids Face Paint Reveal Doll ($15) and Barbie Totally Hair Doll Assorted 2.0 ($26) are expected to fly off the shelves this year.

  • Kidult Players: Play isn’t just for kids, as kidults continue to drive industry growth, turning to play to destress and incorporate more fun into their daily lives through LEGO, PlayStation and nostalgic Arcade games. This year there are 20 new LEGO products with two exclusive lines to BIG W, including the LEGO Star Wars Tie Bomber ($75) and the Fast & Furious 1:16 FF10 El Camino ($44).

  • Pragmatic Sustainability: In 2023, sustainable actions will not only be a lifestyle choice but also an economic necessity. As parents navigate the cost-of-living crisis, they will look to invest in toys that will last as their kids grow and play, but also leave a positive impact. Toys include Somersault Wooden Educational Block 100-piece ($25) and the Somersault Wooden Car Ramp Track ($25).

  • Present Planners: With cost-of-living pressures, parents are continuing to take advantage of discounted toys and Lay-by solutions to buy in advance for kids’ birthdays and Christmas Great options include the Barbie Dreamhouse Playset ($185) and Magic Mixes S2 Sparkle Magic Crystal Ball Rainbow ($50).

BIG W has also teamed up with Money Educator Vanessa Stoykov, to help families find increased value when shopping for special moments and events. Vanessa says “With budgets tighter than ever, it’s about finding the best way to take the pressure off buying for future occasions like Christmas and kids’ parties, like the Big Whopping Toy Sale that offers great value and quality products at the hottest prices.”

To further help budget now for Christmas, customers can utilise payment solutions such as Lay-by, AfterPay and Zip Pay as well as earn Everyday Rewards points. This year the first 5,000 new Afterpay customers will receive $30 off when they spend a minimum of $50 during the Big Whopping Toy Sale period on any BIG W items. Everyday Rewards members will be able to earn 10x points on participating brands like Wahu, Nerf and CAT and can earn 2,000x points on 16 participating products during the event.

BIG W continues to provide many ways to shop the Big Whopping Toy Sale, with Pick up, Home Delivery and Direct to Boot services. 

For more information on the Big Whopping Toy Sale event visit the BIG W website here.


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Notes to editor:

BIG W sales data reveals:

  • The top selling brands for BIG W in 2023 include LEGO, Barbie, Pokémon, Hot Wheels and Transformers

  • Predicted top 5 best sellers for the Big Whopping Toy Sale 2023 are: 

  1. Hot Wheels 1:24 Monster Trucks Assorted, $9 (Save $11)

  2. Transformers Rise of The Beasts Smash Changers, $35 (Save $35)

  3. Barbie Dreamhouse, $185 (Save $74)

  4. Magic Mixies Crystal Ball Series 2 Crystal Ball, $50 (Save $80) 

  5. Fisher Price DJ Bouncin’ Beats, $44 (Save $45)

  • During the first week of Big Whopping Toy Sale, BIG W is known to be the largest retailer of LEGO in the world

  • Barbie is still the number 1 fashion doll in Toys with BIG W selling over 1 million Barbies  each year

  • In 2022, BIG W saw the continued resurgence of Pokémon trading cards, selling over 900,000 units to customers of all ages. That’s enough to cover over 790km of Pokemon cards if they were lined up end to end

  • In 2022, BIG W sold over 2.5 million units of LEGO

LEGO exclusives:

Barbie Exclusives:

Vanessa Stoykov’s top tips on how shoppers can get the best value from the Big Whopping Toy Sale this year below.

  1. Make sure you plan ahead: Think about Christmas now and make a list of all the people you plan to buy gifts for. Planning early is key to making significant savings, however, make sure you hide them and wait for the big day. Don't be tempted to give the gifts early as it defeats the purpose. Put them in the back of your cupboard, or at someone else’s house to avoid temptation.

  2. Use Lay-by to store gifts: BIG W is offering ‘Lay-by now for Christmas’ as part of the Big Whopping Toy Sale this year. This is a great way to not only buy items when they are on special and space out the cost, but also to keep Christmas gifts away from prying eyes. Pick up by 1 November 2023.

  3. Stock up on great deals for kid’s party gifts: Parents often find it difficult to say ‘no’ when it comes to gifting for kids’ friends' parties. So, stock up on great deals for future parties and friends’ birthdays. But don’t tell your kids you’ve bought presents for them to gift, and if the parties ever fall through, you have extra toys to gift for Christmas.

  4. Utilise your Everyday Rewards card: Don't forget to take advantage of Everyday Rewards. With many participating brands this year it’s important families remember to tap their Everyday Rewards card to earn up to 10x more points. This can also help reduce future shopping bills and provide a budget for gifts throughout the year.