Over 750,000 Everyday Rewards members have earned on average, $100 to spend this Christmas

14 November 2023: The Christmas shopping season is set to begin for many Australian families from today, with more than $80 million banked through Everyday Rewards Bank for Christmas program

This year, a record of over 750,000 members joined the Bank for Christmas program with an average of $100 saved, with some members saving up to $4000. This year, members have the choice to unlock their savings earlier giving them more choice and time to prepare for the festive season.

For the first time Everyday Rewards members can redeem their rewards dollars at MyDeal, an online marketplace with millions of products from the biggest brands, with great deals and discounts across a wide range of categories. Bank for Christmas dollars are also redeemable at Woolworths, BIG W, BWS, Everyday Market and participating EG Ampol locations. 

Everyday Rewards General Manager, Glenn Baker said: “We know Christmas can be an expensive time of year for shoppers and Bank for Christmas is a great way for Everyday Rewards members to collect points on their everyday shops, banking the dollars for when they’re needed most.

“Many members have told us that unlocking their Bank for Christmas fund is like unwrapping an early Christmas present. This year we have unlocked the savings earlier than ever, so that shoppers can take advantage of Black Friday sales and other specials Woolworths, BWS, MyDeal and BIG W will be offering in the lead-up to Christmas.

“With members now also able to redeem their Everyday Rewards dollars at MyDeal and the introduction of ‘Member Pricing’ across Woolworths, BIG W and BWS stores, our Everyday Rewards program is delivering even more value.” 

Everyday Rewards members are predicted to use their savings on everything from gifts to food for the traditional Christmasfamily lunch. 

Last Christmas, thousands of festive fare products were purchased* using Everyday Rewards points banked for Christmas including: 

  • 16,000 packs of Christmas bon bons 

  • 5,200 whole chickens

  • 4,700 packets of potatoes

  • 4,400 jars of cranberry sauce 

  • 2,900 turkey roasts 

Among the most popular Christmas gifts purchased with Bank for Christmas dollars by Everyday Rewards members at BIG W,** there were more than: 

  • 1200 Nintendo Switch Consoles and games purchased,  including Pokemon and Super Mario 

  • 390 Apple iPads, AirPods, iPhones and Watches

  • 62 Barbie Dreamhouses 

  • 120 Playstation 5 Consoles

  • 40 Fitbit Versas

The Everyday Rewards program can save members hundreds of dollars every year collecting points on every shop, activating bonus point offers, shopping specials in their ‘my weekly picks’ and redeeming fuel discounts. 

Opting in to ‘Bank for Christmas’ is easy, simply log into the Everyday Rewards app or online to get saving for your Christmas. When selecting the Rewards Choice ‘Bank for Christmas,’ the points can be redeemed at Woolworths and BIG W during the period of 13 November 2023 to 31 December 2023. From 1 January, any remaining points will automatically be saved for next Christmas.

For more information on the Everyday Rewards program, visit www.everydaysrewards.com.au.



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Everyday Rewards, General Manager, Glenn Baker - Top tips on how Aussies can save money on their Christmas shop.

  1. Planning and preparation can go a long way in stretching a Christmas budget, not only saving you money but valuable time and energy as well.

  2. Make your grocery and gift list early, so you can keep an eye out for specials at both Woolworths and BIG W available in the lead up to Christmas.

  3. By stocking up on things like non-perishable food items, gift wrap and presents in advance, you can store them away for the big day to save you time and spread out the cost of Christmas over multiple weeks.  

  4. It’s not too late to sign up to Everyday Rewards Bank for Christmas. By opting to Bank for Christmas, members save their points throughout the year and they become available in November. It’s like opening an early Christmas present!  

  5. Talk to your family and friends about how you can share the load when doing the Christmas food shop. By dividing your list, everyone can contribute and share the cost and time it takes to put on a Christmas event everyone can enjoy.

  6. By signing up to Everyday Extra, Everyday Rewards members can collect 2x Everyday Rewards points on every purchase, as well as 10% off one shop each month at Woolworths and BIG W instore or online, saving up to $100 a month. The Everyday Extra 10% discount can be used on Everyday Rewards member priced products, leading to even more savings at the check out. 

  7. Download the Everyday Rewards app. Members can boost personalised offers and quickly see which products they like to buy are on special.


Everyday Rewards is a collection of businesses launched by Woolworths Group. Powered by Everyday Rewards, the Everyday Rewards businesses are designed to help customers enjoy a lot more everyday through more value, more rewards and with the launch of Everyday Pay in May, more ways to pay. Everyday Rewards currently has over 9 million active members and the Everyday Rewards app has been downloaded over 3 million times since launching in May 2020. The Everyday Group of businesses consist of: Everyday Rewards, Everyday Extra, Everyday Pay, Everyday Market from Woolworths, Everyday Insurance from Woolworths and Everyday Mobile from Woolworths. 


*Woolworths Group own data: Top 50 products purchased at Woolworths supermarkets and Woolworths Metro stores and online between the 16 Nov to 31 Dec 2022, by Everyday Rewards Members opted in to Bank For Christmas before 16 Nov 2022. 

** Woolworths Group own data: Top 50 products purchased at BIG W between the 16 Nov to 31 Dec 2022 by Everyday Rewards members opted in to BFC before 16 Nov 2022.