Monday 7 February, 2022: Woolworths Group is rolling out a new brand identity to better symbolise its evolution and what its collective businesses and platforms stand for today.

With a connected and unified purpose at its heart, the new symbol showcases the impact Woolworths Group can have when it comes together in partnership with others to create change for a better tomorrow.

Brad Banducci, Woolworths Group CEO said: “The world is constantly changing and evolving and we need to do likewise.

“The last two years have been a period of immense change. As a team we’ve not only had to navigate a pandemic, but we’ve also made significant changes to the shape of our Group and the businesses and platforms within it. 

“It’s been an era of care for people, as well as partnership, innovation, inclusion and sustainability and being connected by a shared purpose has never been more important.

“It is the power of ‘We’ in terms of creating better experiences together for a better tomorrow that is represented in our new Group brand identity. It’s a symbol of the positive impact that we aspire to have and the purpose that unites us. 

“It's only by working together as a Group, across all our businesses and platforms, and in partnership with others, that we will be able to help to create a better tomorrow.”

Andrew Hicks, Woolworths Group Chief Marketing Officer added: “In designing the new symbol, it was important we represented what we stand for as a Group today and how we will continue to act in the future. Our commitment to our purpose was key to the design architecture.

“It all starts with ‘We’, with the multiple W’s embodying how together as Woolworths Group we can create positive impact. 

“The shape is fluid to capture the spirit of agility and adaptability whilst deliberately being an open shape to signal an expansive mindset welcoming partnership.

“With a living blue colour scheme, our collective impact is also symbolised by the waves and ripples, converging on a common point on the horizon as a reminder of our shared commitment as a Group to a better tomorrow.”

The new brand symbol and system was developed in partnership with Re, part of the M&C Saatchi Group.

Andrew Hicks added: “The new symbol is only the start of how we are evolving the ways in which we communicate our Group’s collective impact to our key stakeholders, suppliers, partners, customers and our team. 

“We’re excited by the opportunity it creates to further unite us across the various Group businesses and with our partners.”


About Woolworths Group

Woolworths Group is a food and everyday needs retailer united by the shared purpose of creating better experiences together for a better tomorrow. With more than 1,400 stores across its Woolworths Supermarkets, Countdown Supermarkets (New Zealand) and BIG W brands, B2B business serving wholesale and export markets, and a range of fast-growing eCommerce businesses, Woolworths Group is Australia and New Zealand’s largest retailer. A top 20 company on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), Woolworths Group employs more than 180,000 team members and serves more than 20 million customers a week.