Wednesday 11 May, 2022: Woolworths and BIG W shoppers can now experience a fast, more convenient and secure way to pay and collect Everyday Rewards points, via a single QR code scan on their smartphone. 

Everyday Pay from Everyday Rewards has been built by Wpay - the payments arm of Woolworths Group - and is one of the first digital wallets in Australia to support QR code payments. 

The digital wallet - available in the Everyday Rewards app - will offer customers a seamless way to pay and earn rewards points with just one scan at the start of transaction. This compares to the current process which involves scanning the Everyday Rewards card and then selecting a payment method at the end of the transaction. 

Everyday Rewards members simply add their credit, debit or gift card details along with their payment preferences in the app. The digital wallet takes care of the rest when the customer scans the QR code available on the payment terminals at checkouts.

Everyday, Managing Director, Hannah Ross said: “At Woolworths Group, we’re always looking for new ways to make shopping for your everyday needs that little bit easier.

“We know speed, ease and contactless payment at the checkout is important to our customers as they lead increasingly busy lives. Everyday Pay from Everyday Rewards has been designed with this need top of mind.

“By integrating the ease of QR code payments, with our Everyday Rewards app, we can save customers time at the checkout and help ensure they never miss a rewards point again.”

Everyday Pay from Everyday Rewards is available in all Woolworths Supermarkets, Woolworths Metro and BIG W nationwide. 

The Everyday Rewards app is used by one million Australians every week and helps members save hundreds of dollars each year by boosting personalised point offers, shopping specials in their ‘my weekly picks’ and redeeming fuel discounts.

Everyday Pay will help to further promote contactless shopping at the checkout and by offering e-receipts in the Everyday Rewards app so customers can transact without paper and with the convenience of receipts stored for them in the app. 

Everyday Rewards has more than 13 million members across Australia.