Monday, 30 January 2023: Popular collectible Woolworths Bricks is returning with Bricks Farm, championing Aussie farmers and the fresh food they provide to Woolworths customers.

The collectible, available from Wednesday 8 February, will bring the journey from farm to supermarket to life and encourage learning about where food comes from through play and creativity.

Featuring elements that are representative of an Australian farm, Bricks Farm showcases the people, activities and equipment involved in getting fresh food from farm to supermarket.

The collection comprises a farm ecosystem and includes: a farmer, a beekeeper, a fruit and veg buyer, several farm animals (such as the farm dog — a kelpie), The Odd Bunch fruit and veg, Macro products, a drone, a chicken coop, and fruit trees.

Bricks Farm is made using 100% recycled plastic taken from items including refrigerators, safety goggles, and luggage handles.

Woolworths Group Chief Marketing Officer, Andrew Hicks, said: “As Today’s Fresh Food People, it is important that we share and celebrate the role our Aussie farmers play in providing the fresh produce customers enjoy.

“Woolworths Bricks Farm, made using 100% recycled plastic, has been designed to show the intricate ecosystem of an Australian farm. We hope the second chapter of our Bricks collectible once again encourages our customers to learn more about where their food comes from through interactive play.”

Like the original Woolworths Bricks collection, Bricks Farm has been certified by GECA, meaning the collectible has been independently assessed to meet robust environmental, human health and social impact criteria.

Woolworths is continuing its partnership with TerraCycle, so customers will be able to return duplicate or pre-loved pieces from Bricks and Bricks Farm to their local store to be recycled.  

Customers will be able to collect Bricks Farm packs however they choose to shop — via Pick Up, Direct to Boot, Metro60, online delivery or in store. For every $30 spent, customers can receive a Woolworths Bricks Farm pack to build their farm. 

A total of 40 Woolworths Bricks Farm packs will be available to collect.


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