How to spend less on your next shop

Who doesn’t love a good saving? And right now, our focus is on actively helping people to spend less with us.

We know household budgets are stretched at the moment, so to help your money go even further at the (online) checkout, here are our best savings hacks for online shopping or planning your next in-store shop.

Hack #1: Stop shopping on auto-pilot and shop the specials

If you head to or our App you can search all our specials on our ‘Specials & Catalogue’ page. 

Here you can find all our half price specials each week, as well as all our other specials.

We offer more than 6,000 specials every week, as well as our Prices Dropped program, Low Price program and Online Only specials. 

So if you’re willing to add some spontaneity to your shop, try new specials each week and take advantage of major savings.

Hack #2: Filter by best unit price

We have a bunch of different filters when you search for products on our website and app. 

One of them is our ‘best unit price’ filter, which helps you filter products by lowest to highest price per unit. It’s a great way to look for and compare the lowest price on the items on your shopping list.

Hack #3: Boost it baby!

If you’re an Everyday Rewards member, make sure you download the Everyday Rewards app and boost your weekly tailored offers. 

This will help you get extra points when you shop with us across Woolworths, Big W and our other brands - and more points, means more dollars back for your next shop!

Fun fact - On average, Everyday Rewards members who regularly boost offers, save $230 a year.

Hack #4: Save on delivery fees

If you’re an online-only savvy shopper, you can save on delivery fees by signing up for Delivery Unlimited, which includes free delivery on Woolworths orders (for orders of more than $75) and Everyday Market orders (for orders of more than $50).

It’s an annual fee of $119 per year (or $9.92 a month), or a month-to-month subscription is $15 a month. If you’re making multiple orders a month, like your weekly shop, it’s a great option.

You’ll also score 2x Everyday Rewards points on your Woolworths or Everyday Market orders.

Hack #5: Love it and list it!

We have a handy tool on our website called Lists. It helps you plan ahead, check and compare prices, and makes it super fast when you’re ready to order.

When you’re on a budget it can also help you look at your total basket cost so you don’t get a surprise at the online checkout.

Hack #6: Check out the catalogues

If you want to get the jump on the specials for the week, we release our online catalogue every Monday at 5pm highlighting our best specials ahead of time, before they land in store and online every Wednesday..

We know it’s one of our customer’s favourite hacks, because we’re seeing more and more customers visit the catalogues page each week.