Did you know we tuck our potatoes in every night?


Every evening, in more than 1,000 supermarkets across the country, our team is putting potatoes to bed. 

Despite their rough exterior, potatoes are sensitive little darlings, and any form of light - including artificial light - can cause them to ‘green’. That’s when green patches appear on the potato skin as a result of chlorophyll building up. While these green patches can be peeled off and the spud is still perfectly safe to eat, we know no-one likes a green potato.

While we don’t expect our customers to shop in the dark during the day, we can reduce the amount of light our potatoes are exposed to by covering them overnight when the store is closed.

Each evening, when our supermarkets shut for the day, team members place a tarpaulin over the potato section to keep them protected throughout the night. Sweet potato dreams!

Woolworths potatoes covered by a tarpaulin overnight

The very best conditions to store your potatoes at home are:

  1. Dark
  2. Cool
  3. Well ventilated

In winter, that might be your pantry, but in summer you may need to migrate them to your fridge - especially when it is hot and humid!